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  1. 10 Easy Steps to Mixing hCG [including Hucog -- liquid hCG]


    Please note: these instructions are primarily centered around mixing liquid hCG. But...if you have dry (powdered) hCG, you can still use these directions. The adjustment you would have to make only applies if you are using dry hCG; where the amount of liquid is added. So, if you do NOT have 'liquid hCG' and still want to use these directions, then do this: ADD 1 mL more of bacteriostatic water to your vial -- but only add that extra 1 mL ...
  2. New to HCG diet

    Quote Originally Posted by Ready to loose23 View Post
    Hello HCG world I'm new to the concept of an HCG diet but have a good 30lbs or so to loose so why not give it a shot I will upload a picture soon I just join but um can anyone help me because I don't know where I could order some HCG that really god quality and know to work ?? Plus at a great price any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!
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