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  1. Vegetable servings and other protocol questions

    Hello All,
    So as I am going over the manual obsessively as I do before I do anything, whether it be the first time or the 100th time. I am starting to realize some items that I have questions about.

    1st How many grams per serving do you use for vegetables? I usually used the 100 gram rule as for the meat. However I have been noticing some other sites and just looking up the information on google it tends to be more. Some go by the CUP rule, or half cup for asparagus (which ...
  2. Loading Question

    I started HCG today. This is my 1st time ever doing this diet. I am scared, but that's a whole different story....
    My question right now is.... How much more, exactly am I supposed to be eating?
    I don't feel like I've been eating a whole lot more, & I am not really feeling like I'm hungry.
    I am eating. Just ate 3 hot dogs for dinner & stuffed! For lunch today I had almost 3 slices of pizze (minus the crust), & on my 3rd slice I was having trouble eating because ...