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  1. Stabiilizing on P3

    On my last injection day, I weighed 183.8, so for the next three weeks, my goal is to keep me weight between 181.8 and 185.8. Oddly enough, I woke up the next day to 182.0, but anticipate I'll end up gaining.

    I've never followed P3 correctly, but plan to do so this time. Planning to go grocery shopping today, so I can begin meal prepping for the week. My goal for the first week of P3 is to keep my diet close to P2, but gradually increase calories to 1500 or so, and introduce mostly ...
  2. Round 1 Results -- 27.2 lbs. lost

    I finally made it to my last shot! Lost 27.2 lbs., which is more than I've lost on previous rounds. Was disappointed these past couple of weeks as the weight loss slowed down, but looking back, I can't be anything but grateful that I lost almost 30 lbs. in a couple of months. No other program could have given me that kind of result!

    I have a lot of pre-mixed HCG left, so taking the advice of Pearlymae, I'm going to freeze the rest of my HCG in pre-filled syringes and see how they ...
  3. Steady as she goes!

    I converted to the dark side.. I started drinking Starbucks. My cuppa joe of choice: Tall Vanilla Blonde Sugar Free with 2 tbsp half and half. So far so good, I haven't gained any from drinking coffee, but I don't want to speak to soon, no one really knows what the weight gods will bring tomorrow morning.

    Posting my menu for today and yesterday's

    P3 GUIDE:
    FIRST 3 or 4 DAYS - Still keeping VLCD food choices but adding good fat; olive oil and coconut oil. Adding ...
  4. I wanna be back to 108.4!

    I have been wanting to start a blog forever! I started the hcg 500 calorie diet phase 2 on May 2nd I was 122lbs but i have gained a lot of weight since last summer (about 15lbs.) and Im fairly short statured so my 5"1 height doesnt fit well with 122lbs. So I completed phase 1 and 2 loosing just over 13lbs. making my lowest weight 108.4. However I kind of splerged a little with starting phase 3 and somehow got stuck at 110. I want to say I am happy but Im just not I hold almost all my weight ...