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  1. 10 Easy Steps to Mixing hCG [including Hucog -- liquid hCG]


    Please note: these instructions are primarily centered around mixing liquid hCG. But...if you have dry (powdered) hCG, you can still use these directions. The adjustment you would have to make only applies if you are using dry hCG; where the amount of liquid is added. So, if you do NOT have 'liquid hCG' and still want to use these directions, then do this: ADD 1 mL more of bacteriostatic water to your vial -- but only add that extra 1 mL ...
  2. Here is how to calculate your hCG dose for your round.


    For example's sake, I'm going to use the '2,000 IU' hCG strength.

    Please note: whether you are using liquid or powdered (dry) -- hCG....that does not matter. With these mathematical formulas, we are only attempting to figure out how many IUs you will be dosing with....or, what amount of IUs you have already been dosing with.

    There are actually only 3 different mathematical formulas you can use to figure out ...
  3. Back and in the middle of a round!

    Hello anyone who recognizes me! And Hello to anyone who reads this!
    I was on here for support/ concentration/ answers/ and then more support during my previous rounds and suddenly stopped blogging and logging in and here is the downlow on that. My husband and I run our own business and it is seasonal. We got so busy in March I could hardly keeep my head straight. I had finally stopped my hcg due to being unable to keep on protocol. My weight was stable for a bit, then I spiraled out of control
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  4. Starting my HCG path. April 28th 2012

    4/28 I am doing injections at 125 iu and using rx hucog which I purchased from alldaychemist I did my load today as well as gave myself my first injection. Holy crap, that was scary, but oddly it didn't hurt one bit, I mean not at all! So I ate and ate and had a really great load day, went to bed feeling sick of food! I am doing my load days and will be starting vlcd on 5/1. Starting weight 199.9

    4/29, 2nd Load day, I did my 2nd injection and it was a little pinch this time, I did ...

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  5. P2D1 with RX Injections

    OK, here I am starting over, again...for the last time, I swear! Long story short my drops went bad, and I finally took the leap to rx injections. I received the package on Thursday, loaded Saturday and Sunday, and my P2 journey begins today.

    The hcg I am taking is hucog. Received 2000IU powder vials, added 8mL bacteriostatic water, and filling syringe to 0.6 (equals 150IU daily). I must say, injections are WAY EASIER than drops! One shot in the morning and that's that! No waiting ...
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  6. Need help with RX mixing and dosing!!!

    OK, here we go again!!!!!!!!! I can't seem to win this battle. DH and I have been starving all week even with an increase in drops. Then yesterday, the bottle smelled a bit mildewy if that's a word. It turned us both off, and neither of us wanted to put that in our mouths. Yet another setback! We were both so sick of the drop issue that we went online and ordered prescription hucog from the most well known site on this forum still selling it (had to get an access code, hint hint). I then proceeded ...