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  1. Round 4, VLCD #1

    Today is the kick-off day to my round 4. To memorialize things, this morning the batteries on the scale were not in correctly. When I put them back in the scale, the scale didn't even turn on. So I *THINK* I gained 8 lbs on loading, but am not sure. I think my starting weight after loading is 174 but again, not sure. Today after work I'm going to stop by the grocery store and get some Smooth Move Tea and some new batteries. Also I'm going to try to get my husband to measure me so I can track ...
  2. The hardest thing I've ever done... this diet. And it seems like the more times I do it (this is #4), the harder it gets. Ferocious hunger, desperate cravings, weakness, tiredness--that's what I've dealt with for the past 2 days. Adjusting dosage doesn't help at all; I'm just as hungry taking 6 drops 3 times a day as I am 12. I've been cheating constantly because I'm just too hungry. I'm still losing weight (down 0.8 this morning after eating... well, a lot of verboten stuff, healthy but verboten: carrots, veg butter, cheese, ...
  3. One last (small) hunger issue.

    VLCD 8, didn't lose this morning. Have lost 9lbs in 8 days so far, so I'm content for the time being.

    One thing I've always struggled with, whether during HCG dieting or not, is hunger in the morning. I'm typically a breakfast eater and so I think part of it is mental. But some of it also feels physical. I've considered eating a small amount of my protein or fruit in the morning just to feel satiated and "tide" me over during lunch.. But I find that once I tough it out, ...
  4. VCLD 1 ! This is going to be a challenging journey

    Hello HCG world!,
    Today i just finished my VCLD 1 and let me tell you in was not easy. This is definitely not an easy diet. I am having trouble getting full:/ For breakfast i had egg whites, blueberries and 2 cups of green tea. Im so use to eating a big bowl of cinnamon toast crunch to start my day. Another thing i didnt like was having to prepare meals every time i wanted to eat. This gets annoying! And because i am drinking so many liquids i have to use the bathroom all the time. One way ...
  5. Driven to cheat

    Apparently it's easier for me to gain that magic 1.2 pounds instead of lose it. -__-

    Yesterday DH was competing in a ranch rodeo; it started around 4:00, but given that we were to be leaving so early, I ate lunch at lunchtime and not later, like I wanted (so I wouldn't be hungry). This is where my first cheat of the day occurred. I had shredded chicken salad with apples, but I added half a tablespoon of mayo. I was nauseous after eating it, but thought that it would hold me over ...
  6. Day 4 on HCG, Day 2 VLCD - Hunger-ian monster plus a 2 lb loss

    What a huge difference 2 melba toasts makes!

    I was trying to be all cold turkey (no pun intended) and skip the melba toast but the hunger pains started coming in. I noticed the "hunger-ian monster" came in waves. There would be times I would perfectly fine and other times were worse. I was talking to a co-worker who is on the protocol as well and she suggested I may not be eating enough calories and to go ahead and add the melba toast to my intake. As soon as I ate the ...
  7. R1p2d3vlcd

    Today is my fifth day of injection.
    And third day vlcd ..
    I loaded very well to the point of nausea ,lots of fatty foods ..totally against my nature and taste.
    But i was rewarded well total loss thus far is 6.2lbs

    Despite me cheating the second evening with a bottle of wine and a piece of gluten free toast.the morning after the cheat i had put on one pound back ..that was enough to smarten me back up ...i was very hungry the second day and light headed the next ...
  8. VLCD11 - I lost zero inches in 10 days of vlcd?!?!

    Lost weight! WooHOO!!! Down to 191 (come on 180's!!) I was so excited to measure myself, ok I was a little nervous..I did it and I lost NOTHING in inches! How is the possible? Where did the 9lbs come from or better yet where did it go!?!? I feel, like I lost inches, but I think that's purely physiological thinking. I asked my husband when I hit 10lbs (loading weight included) if he could tell I lost anything and he said "No, it's too soon you just started" grrr...damn it! Just lie to me, ...
  9. OMG!!! I am absolutely Thrilled with the appetite suppressant I am using!

    Hoodia for in between rounds of hcg
    Okay, so I am in between rounds of hcg, and I am still looking forward to beginning the next round- but I found the next best thing! In between I have been using a product called "unique Hoodia". I was a bit apprehensive, because I bought a hoodia supplement at a vitamin store here in the town where I live- and it really didn't work for me. I was so disappointed- because not only it didn't work, but it was pretty expensive.

  10. The begining

    Ok so today is day 5 of phase 2, I have LOTS of weight to and I have had some problems with hunger this past week. Not everyday but I get up at 6:30 am and do not go to sleep until 11:30 pm. I beleive that has alot to do with me being so hungry, unfortunately my body is going to have to get used to it because I do not have a choice

    The other night (day 3 of p2) I started cooking my dinner and when I opened the fridge saw the spinich dip (that i made to eat before I started this ...
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