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  1. Loading Day Number 2

    Hello HCG world!,
    So when hoped on the scale this morning it said i lost weight! I was so surprised, i guess i didn't load enough the other day. Today i think i did more a better job. I thought this would be easy to do but it is actually so hard. It makes me even more excited to start the VLCD phrase!
  2. If today were the last day

    To my girl Miche -- Yes girl... you are talking to a real foodie here, I still had plenty of room to load today. And If today is my last day on earth, I can confidently say that I will day a happy woman!

    PRE BFAST - Peanut Butter Snickers
    BFAST - 1 cup quinoa (eating the leftovers), 1 avocado, 4 filipino hot dogs
    SNACK - 1/4 cup Macademia Nuts, Lays Cheddar Cheese and Sour Cream Potato Chips
    LUNCH - Pasta Da Vinci Lunch Portion (Cheesecake Factory), Cheesecake ...
  3. Loading Day 2 - already losing!

    So yesterday was not fun - I hate eating fat fat and more fat! I couldn't make it to the supposedly recommended 250 grams of fat for a loading day - I don't want to make myself sick!!!

    Today's weight: 231.5

    LOSS: 2.2lbs

    ^What?! That is crazy! I lost weight after eating garbage... I just can't believe that at all but I'll take it!

    It was injection #2 today at 9:00am (I'm shooting for regular injection times if possible). So far I've only ...
  4. Loading Day 2

    by , March 16th, 2012 at 04:31 PM (The Spring Break is coming! The Spring Break is coming!)
    As of the end of the day I have eaten:

    2 bowls of oatmeal w/pecans and granola
    3 pastrys
    1 cookie dough Zone bar
    1 piece pecan pie w/whipped cream
    5 piece Chicken Selects
    trail mix
    2 pieces cheesecake
    Order of feta and spinach stuffed cheesybread
    Diet coke

    So stuffed, will not be leaving the dorm tonight. Gonna do some homework due at midnight and try to distact myself from how angry my tummy is at me. I hope this ...
  5. Load day 2

    Okay. Michelin man here. I did not drink a lot of water yesterday. Don't rmember if you are supposed to on loading days but will try to do better today. I am hungry right now but have not yet taken my drops. Just weighed myself buck neaked and sure enough, I gained. LOL Tomorrow will be day 1 of vcld. THEN the real test begins.

    Hope everyone is doing as expected. Go hcg.

    Updated February 27th, 2012 at 08:52 AM by mrsmoogers

    Day to Day Journey
  6. ~Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny Feels~

    LD 2 is finally coming to an end. Thank GOD ! I feel like, well... disgusting!!! UGH! My belly feels bloated and rumbly, I can literally feel the yukiness swimming around in my belly~blegh!

    Tomorrow starts VLCD1 and I cannot wait! Planning on having my favorite chicken/ tom dish for lunch and Spicy baked Tilapia with garlic and lemon sauted spinach YUM! I decided to have an apple for snacks instead of with my meal if I need to. Also bought some celery JUST IN CASE my husband feels
  7. R2ld2

    Today was my second loading day. When I weighed myself I had lost a pound. So did my husband, and we pounded food all day long. Last round I did I lost weight as well, which is unusual.

    Well, today when my husband injected himself he didn't bleed and it didn't hurt so he was happy about that. Of course I guided him through it and then when I went to do it on myself, the alcohol hadn't dried yet. Ouch! Lol.

    I'm excited to take this journey again, and if anyone is reading ...