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  1. Here is how to calculate your hCG dose for your round.


    For example's sake, I'm going to use the '2,000 IU' hCG strength.

    Please note: whether you are using liquid or powdered (dry) -- hCG....that does not matter. With these mathematical formulas, we are only attempting to figure out how many IUs you will be dosing with....or, what amount of IUs you have already been dosing with.

    There are actually only 3 different mathematical formulas you can use to figure out ...
  2. Loving Hcg and made a biz from it

    My name is John And I am a reseller for "the Real Couch potato Diet" With HCG diet Drops. I have personally taken HCG drops for weight loss. I started last February at 354 lbs. I had sleep apnea, blood pressure so high i could not donate blood any more, borderline diabetic. Within 45 days I lost 53 lbs of abnormal fat and went in to my doctor to have all of my levels checked to see what shape I was in. My results were in and the doctor said I was one of the healthiest patients he has ...
  3. Day 14 Begins on A Sweet Note

    I stepped on the scale this morning. I am officially down 9.5 lbs (would be more, but pipes are stopped up at the moment) and 8 inches! 8 inches people! I have no words.

    I did cheat Saturday (and gained two ounces by the next morning). I had two sips of Champagne to celebrate my new campaign office, 3 M&Ms, 6 raisins, and 6 peanuts (trail mix). Sunday I was back on track.

    I find myself waking up earlier. Today it was 5:00 a.m. I crash sooner. Last night I was ...
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