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  1. R1P2D6 - Slowly but surely..another 0.7 drop

    I have been hungry all day, so I had to snack on extra celery and an apple.
    And Thank God for Miracle Noodles!!!! They work fo rme and get me fuller.
    Lunch - Canned Organic Chicken breast and Celery
    Dinner - Chicken breast soup with miracle noodles and Romain Lettuce with Orange Dijon Mustard dressing.
  2. VLCD6- Miracle Noodle Update

    I finally tried the miracle noodles last night and to my surprise, still lost (0.8). DH lost 1.5 of course, but good news is we both lost. I ate about 1/3 and he ate 2/3 of the package. Yes, they smelled very fishy when opening (and I HATE seafood), but I just rinsed them really well, patted them dry, then threw them in a frying pan and dry-fried them. Both of us then mixed with pre-cooked onions and chicken. I then added chicken broth and braggs with a few spices to mine. DH added P2 friendly ...
  3. Vlcd5

    What a whirlwind of a week it's been, and not in a good way! I have no clue how I did it, but I hurt my back on Wednesday. It got really stiff at work and I was in a lot of pain. So I left early, and have been in bed ever since! I have a couple of bulging discs that will be around forever, and they just act up every now and then. So meds and bed rest it is. I must saying, being home alone, all day, on pain medication, is not an easy thing to do on this diet! I get very nauseous from pain meds so ...
  4. I've finally gotten past my stall

    This morning I woke up, and weighed myself. I was only down 1/2 a pound, but my total fat percentage has gone down 2 percent! I am very happy!!! My current weight is 256.0, but I am sure it's going to get better, now that I know my fat percentage is improving!

    I also ate the zero calorie "Miracle Noodles" twice yesterday, and no ill effects. I also need to factor in salt for yesterdays food. I ended up over salting my dinner, and I am sure it must have had some ...
  5. It's all in our mind VLCD Day 5

    Wouldn't you agree? Seriously? When we really think about it or break it down, mull it over, have a come to Jesus meeting with ourselves, get an attitude adjustment, fall apart, get back up and continue forward. Most of the time it is because of what is going on in our heads. Emotions at play, too, yes. Which is tied to our mental state. I am not a psychologist (yet) but for me it is all a mind game. Today finds me at home. Fridays are my day off. First time this week not in my "routine". ...
  6. Miracle Noodles/ Shirataki

    I know that there has been lots of confusion as to what is what. Which is better? What are they made off?

    Let's start off with what are Miracle Noodles/ Shirataki noodles made of. Most of these noodles are made from a plant called Konjac. These noodles are virtually carb and caloric free. They make a good replacement if you are a pasta addict like myself. I have read a couple of post on here that says Shirataki is the off label of miracle noodles but it's not true. Shirataki noodles ...
  7. VLC Day 17


    Week 1; (-7.2)
    Week 2; (-7.4)

    234.8 VLCd 13 (-.4)
    233.0 VLCd 14 (-1.8)
    234.8 VLCd 15 (+1.8)
    232.2 VLCd 16 (-2.6)
    230.8 VLCd 17 (-1.4)

    I tried Miracle Noodles yesterday and liked them. I rinsed them well, since they smelled fishy. Then, I boiled them for a few moments, and added half of them to my dinner of cauliflower and turkey. I added spices and more water and had a stew, of sorts. With the other half, I added ...
  8. ok, back on track

    WHew, back to losing. down a pound today. I think part of this is the HCG is working so unbelievably well, that I am thinking at any little hiccup, that its all an illusion and I was fooling myself to think this would work!
    But I am getting over that.
    I picked up some miracle noodles at a local Asian Market today and will have some for dinner. I just need to feel a little filled. Just a little!
    day1 ??
    day2 197.4
    day3 194.2 (-3.2)
    day4 190.2 ...
  9. Juuuuuuuuuust about to get discourage...then:

    I was feeling spanked each day this week that it took to regain my ground after gaining 2lbs from breaking protocol last weekend and enjoying a few ****tails at a birthday party(Fri), dinner party (Sat), and then a wedding (Sun). Oh my.

    Juuust about to get discouraged when I rec'd a call at 3pm yesterday, from my Dr.. She called to relay the results of my bloodwork. She started with "your levels are PERFECT!" then "your cholesterol is down from 191 to 164 when we ...