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  1. 10 Easy Steps to Mixing hCG [including Hucog -- liquid hCG]


    Please note: these instructions are primarily centered around mixing liquid hCG. But...if you have dry (powdered) hCG, you can still use these directions. The adjustment you would have to make only applies if you are using dry hCG; where the amount of liquid is added. So, if you do NOT have 'liquid hCG' and still want to use these directions, then do this: ADD 1 mL more of bacteriostatic water to your vial -- but only add that extra 1 mL ...
  2. Please HELP!!! I am soooo confused

    Hello everyone, first and for most I decided to give this diet another go (my previous time I failed unfortunately). I already received my HCG and it didn't come in powder form it is liquid (ITS FOR INJECTION USE ]NOT BY MOUTH EITHER). So here's where my questions come into paly....

    1. I keep seeing different responses as to not use any liquid HCG formula that it has to be freeze dried powder only. Does anyone know if this is true or if I can use this form safely.

    2. ...