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  1. Here is how to calculate your hCG dose for your round.


    For example's sake, I'm going to use the '2,000 IU' hCG strength.

    Please note: whether you are using liquid or powdered (dry) -- hCG....that does not matter. With these mathematical formulas, we are only attempting to figure out how many IUs you will be dosing with....or, what amount of IUs you have already been dosing with.

    There are actually only 3 different mathematical formulas you can use to figure out ...
  2. Vlcd 4, and my sick kitty :(

    184 this morning, that means 6 pounds in 4 days!!! Wow! Which is extra awesome since I cheated with a brownie day 1 and yesterday was my first day of TRUE 500 cals (I hovered around 650). Yippeee!
    Today I was supposed to skip a dose and see where I am with the hunger.... to see if I need to decrease tomorrow (I had already increased to 175iu and it seemed to get worse)... but instead I did 100iu. We will see what happens. Last night I had melba toast for the first time (I'm not against it ...

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