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  1. VLCD 4- Rough, rough day...but made it with out cheating!

    This has been my worst day yet. I am have been so hungry through out the day so I decided to up my dose from 125iu to 130 and see if that helps. I have no energy and my leg cramps are starting to begin (I need to get myself some potassium). I ate protocol dinner and after dinner I went and weighed myself (yes, i know not the best idea...but did it anyway!) and I got on the scale and it said 199.4....well this am it said 194.7, so what gives? 199.9 is what I weighed before starting HCG. I am in the ...
  2. Leptin Reset vs PAIN

    RE: PAIN
    Did I mention on this thread that the reset has resulted in LESS PAIN for me? I can walk around my house without my cane, when I couldn't even stand up without it before July 11 when I started the reset!! It's like a switch went off the end of last week and WOW!! So, be very patient with the reset. It isn't majic so it doesn't work overnight, but it does work. Eliminating the O6s in your body and eating lots of O3s is essential. When I told Dr. K. my last CRP was 14 he told ...
  3. Back Pain, Gas maybe?

    Has anyone experienced this? I normally eat my snack at 10am (fruit), but missed it and ate it at 11am. I continue with my normal eating schedule so far, but my back is hurting so bad. If feels like gas pain. What should I do?
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