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  1. End of P2 and period should start too - What to do???

    So... I have 4 shots left before this round ends... my period should have started 2 days ago but I'm late... so now I'm expecting it any day (not today, so far).
    Dr. S. said to not finish a round while on the period.

    So, what do I do???

    I would love to be on this round for 6- more days (I'm so close to the 30 lbs mark!)
    My period is usually very regular, usually 4 days, the 2nd day usually heavy.

    * Should I skip injections until I get ...
    Tags: end of p2, period
  2. VLCD 9 - and no HCG shot

    So it's that time of the 'month.' And by month, I mean one of the 4 periods I have during the year at random times.
    Horrible timing, but it is always wildly unpredictable.
    The clinic has said that I must stop the injections for three days. The forums seem to say that is a bunch of hooey, but I'm going to stick to the office's recommendation. Not excited for the next three days - if I had the mental fortitude to eat a 500 calorie diet without hormone intervention I wouldn't need to ...
  3. Lost 2 pounds on first weigh in!

    Hello HCG World!
    R1P2VLCD1: 190.4
    R1P2VLCD2: 188.4!
    I was amazed when i stepped on the scale this morning! Yesterday i was miserable and feeling undetermined but today just brought back some hope. It is unusual to lose 2 pounds in one day? I also started TOM yesterday but it doesn't look like its affecting my results . I think i am going to go to sam's club to get a bulk of food so i dont keep having to buy food all the time. I cant wait to see where i am at in a week.
  4. TOM finally comes after.......45days+?

    I started my drops about 10days after my TOM..
    My loading days + VLCD is about 25days.. I had a sudden rise of weight and Stall during Phase 2,thinking it's TOM. I had signs showing it's coming,but it didn't.

    And today i'm on Day 14 of Phase 3. It arrived.
    But its at least 45days since my Last TOM. Is this normal? I'm usually not this late..

    I would say...i'm having a lil cramps but very light flow(almost nothing). I'm kinda worried but at least it ...

    Updated July 11th, 2012 at 10:40 PM by Dandan26

    Tags: period
  5. Vlcd 30

    I have not written in a while. I am down 17 pounds. This is much less then I hoped. I have followed the diet with no cheating and some days I don't eat everything I am allotted. I have 11 more days and I have serious doubts that I will reach my goal of 25 pounds. I have heard that most people don't even loose during phase 3; in fact, most gain a few. I keep thinking with this total of 9 weeks that I would have lost close to the same on weight watchers. The only thing I feel ok about right ...
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