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  1. Here is how to calculate your hCG dose for your round.


    For example's sake, I'm going to use the '2,000 IU' hCG strength.

    Please note: whether you are using liquid or powdered (dry) -- hCG....that does not matter. With these mathematical formulas, we are only attempting to figure out how many IUs you will be dosing with....or, what amount of IUs you have already been dosing with.

    There are actually only 3 different mathematical formulas you can use to figure out ...
  2. Beginning of Round 2....

    Round 2 is getting off to a great start!

    P1 -- Loading:
    Like previous rounds, I had to FORCE myself to load, because of my lack of hunger. I'm so glad I didn't go grocery shopping to stock up on things to load on, because most of it would have gone to waste. I just ate a few avocados, a bunch of almonds, some cocoa crack, a Ribeye steak, cheesecake, tiramisu, and some creamy roasted garlic mashed potatoes.

    The Results:

    Pre-load: 180
    VLCD ...
  3. Plans for a Successful R2

    Round 2 is only a few days away, and I'm excited about it. I'm comfortable with where I am during this stabilization phase -- 3 lbs. under LIW even after adding sweet potatoes, air-popped popcorn, fruit juice, almonds, dairy, and tons of cocoa crack. Also, my appetite seems to have diminished, which makes me eager to get back to a VLCD.

    I'm shocked that I have no desire to gorge on things I might miss during the VLCD, but it's further validation that I've gotten over my addiction ...
  4. So it begins...

    I'm one meal into my first loading day and already I'm wondering how I'm going to manage. I haven't had much of an appetite for the past week (a problem I wish I'd had all my life), which is probably an indication that there may be something wrong with me (I can ALWAYS eat--I'm like the sterotypical fat sidekick of any 80s cartoon or movie). And now I'm having to gorge... I'm just glad my husband's gone for the weekend so he doesn't have to see me 1) eating all the foods he loves to eat but can't ...
  5. Cheating. What's the point?

    I know I run the risk of alienating people by *****ing about this, which is why I'm keeping it to my own blog rather than being argumentative in the forums. Because, truly, I'm more confused than anything else. I firmly believe that everyone should do what's best for them and be adult enough to make their own choices, but it doesn't mean I always understand those choices.

    I feel like many of us have fallen into a mindset of "I've been fat/overweight/depressed/unhappy/unhealthy/FillInTheBlank ...
  6. Loading Days 1 and 2

    I am overwhelmed by the comments that I received from my previous blog. How amazing is this community? I love that I can join a forum without judgements and just acceptance. You guys rock!

    Loading Day 1 was uncomfortably comfortable if that makes sense. I enjoyed eating and feeling like a pig as I scarfed down my planned out menu.

    Breakfast - 2 Fried eggs, 4 bacons, 2 sausage patties
    Snack- Pears, 1/2 round trader joe's brie, starbucks white chocolate mocha ...
  7. Loading Day 2

    by , March 16th, 2012 at 04:31 PM (The Spring Break is coming! The Spring Break is coming!)
    As of the end of the day I have eaten:

    2 bowls of oatmeal w/pecans and granola
    3 pastrys
    1 cookie dough Zone bar
    1 piece pecan pie w/whipped cream
    5 piece Chicken Selects
    trail mix
    2 pieces cheesecake
    Order of feta and spinach stuffed cheesybread
    Diet coke

    So stuffed, will not be leaving the dorm tonight. Gonna do some homework due at midnight and try to distact myself from how angry my tummy is at me. I hope this ...
  8. Loading Day 1

    by , March 15th, 2012 at 03:27 PM (The Spring Break is coming! The Spring Break is coming!)
    I pretty much got what I expected this morning. 150.1.
    I don't have a scale in my room so I have to walk a couple blocks across campus to weigh myself. I think that'll work out well because I just put the drops under my mouth and then left to weigh myself. By the time I was back it had been exactly 19 minutes and i was free to eat and drink

    I tell ya I don't relish seeing that scale go up EVEN MORE after this morning, but after hearing from everyone I know the more I stuff ...
  9. Yay!!! The day has finally arrived!!!!

    After what seems like months of research, ordering, more research and the holiday binge, the day is finally here! My HCG has arrived and is mixed and ready to go. I ordered vials of 2000iu and mixed them per the instructions I found here http://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgdietforums...uctions-16234/. My mixing vial is in tinfoil and in the fridge.. tomorrow morning will be my first injection. Feelings? Thoughts? Well.. I'm soooo excited. I need/want/have to get ...
    Tags: newbie, phase 1, shots
  10. R2 P3/Leptin - Day 15

    222.2 (+ 0.4) LIW + 2.6

    "Up 0.4 this morning. Had an emotional rollercoaster of a day yesterday, but it has been resolved and I have made decisions to follow through on, and that will be the end of that. Did not take the dieter's tea last night and I think I am going to quit drinking it for a while and see how my body does without it. You really should not ...

    Updated November 2nd, 2011 at 07:09 AM by HealthierMel

    P3 , Gain , Leptin Reset
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