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  1. P2D8 - Recipes updated

    Hi all,
    today is day 8 of my HCG journey. Scales showed another 600g loss today so super happy about that! 5.7KG down in one week. Happy dance... Only 37 odd KG's to go
    I've updated my blog today with a couple of recipes if your interested -

    Strawberry and Chocolate Slushy

    Chilli Beef and Tomato

    Until tomorrow and another weigh in... See you then

    Cheers Sam
  2. Harry Potter's Chocolate delight <3

    Good morning!
    I haven't blogged in a couple days since I been doing some experimenting of my own and trying out a few things. I changed up my multivitamin due to the fact I have been feeling very sluggish lately and getting more tired. I know you are suppose to get more sleep on this diet but 8:30?? 9pm?? Thats.... a bit wild. I believed it was the vitamin I was taking so I switched to an herbal vitamin rather than the synthetic over the counter at Walgreen's I been purchasing.
    Not ...
  3. Ya know what... Im gonna try it!!

    Good Morning!
    Yesterday was a slightly hectic day. Even though I still lost .4 lbs I believe it would of definitely been a little more if my day was so sparatic.
    I live in a pretty part of Philadelphia here where my mum has a nice size amount of land around her house in which I had no clue that I volunteered to help yesterday. I don't mind.... I just don't like being volunteered for YARD WORK because I am not a bug person. I HATE Bees Absolutely terrified of them!! So I'm not ...
  4. The lollipop is a MASTER MIND!!!!

    So I had a scare yesterday with this HCG diet. My pictures don't show it BUT I have half of my hair Purple! I love the color! Damn I'm such a bad *** >_< ANYWAYS, I had to go to salon and get my roots touched up. I headed over to my local salon, where my hair dressers name is ALSO "Nina" and she too has purple hair! How Ironic... Standing at the desk they have lollipops that I ALWAYS take at least 2! Well.... I grabbed one without hesitation and sat down. Ate the lollipop and messed ...
  5. The Soaked Cupcake

    This diet was recommended to me by a friend of a friend whom I was finally introduced to after seeing her several times throughout the past couple of years. Through her weightloss journey, she looks AMAZING. She spoke to me about this particular diet in which I have decided to take on!
    With my culinary background and creativeness, I know I will be fine on this. But the fluctuation of weight and possible weight gain, Im alittle scared of. I dont want to mess up and so far I ...
  6. Sugar-Free Ketchup (P2)

    I'm so excited and feel so silly for being so excited by this - but I just made a batch of ketchup and it is SO good!

    I found it here:


    And I used ACV and excluded the cayenne. I was a little concerned about the flavor the cinnamon would give it, but it makes it more complex. I really like it. I had only found one ketchup that worked for P3 b/c it was sweetened w/xylitol, but it was SO runny and not ...