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  1. Getting Stable, Help Please!

    Hi All,

    I would appreciate if someone could give advice on how to maintain my weight. My weight a beginning including my Load days was 183lbs. My last LIW on Fri, November 18 was 158.5lbs. So a 24.5 loss in total!!

    However , i did the 3 days w/0 drops, and my weight went from Fri. 158.5lbs to Sun. 157lbs, to Mon.155lbs.

    On my first P3 day Tues, my beginning weight was 156.5lbs, and P3 day 2, Im at 157.5 today!

    Im am confused at what ...
  2. Phase three update

    I have been the same weight now for 9 days since I had been the same for a few days before I went off the hcg. It's amazing what you can eat. I still notice I do not digest the fat as well so I have to be careful. I tried the mug cake the other day and that was a nice treat though I must say I have not craved sweets. I had a boneless pork chop last night with some fresh cranberry sauce I made with xylitol. I loved that. Tonight I am going to have some wine with dinner and see how I do. Hope to try ...
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