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  1. Day 30 & Down 31.1lbs (so far)

    Today is Day 30 for me of Round 1. I am down a total of 31.1lbs as of this morning (Yay Me)!
    I began this journey on March 26th. The weekend of my Menstrual I began skipping 1 day a week. I have skipped only 2 Saturdays so far, & I have 2 more to skip. So that will have me on this diet for a total of 44 days (no injecting those 4 days but remained on diet).
    I have not worked out & I have NOT cheated even slightly, THANK GOD & it has paid off so far
    I still have ...
  2. Shudda Wudda Cudda

    I was overconfident yesterday and I ate out twice. Fridays are hard for me, there is hardly anybody in the office and most of my co-workers go out to eat. I had Indian (again) for lunch and Greek (baklava anyone?) for dinner. The scale definitely did not lie for I am up to 166.6 lbs. Aaaack! Just got done eating a pound of steak and doing a ctcd day tomorrow. Need to get this weight off ASAP or else no P4 for me.

    I shudda ate my packed lunch
    I cudda declined the dinner offer ...
  3. Excited for P4

    Woohoo! I've been stable for the past 3 weeks! Despite eating out a few times this round my body has coped well. I've learned to adjust my calorie count the next day and the weight comes off. I have still yet to try out some intense exercises and see how my body responds. I think P4 would be perfect for that. My menu is pretty much the same the entire week, I ate at Popeye's chicken one day and but adjusted my calorie the count the next day. The first thing I am trying next week is quinoa, will ...
  4. Water Retention

    TOM is looming for me. I can feel my face expanding and my hands tightening. I just feel fat, obviously also very hormonal for the lack of content on this particular blog.

    P3 GUIDE:
    FIRST 3 or 4 DAYS - Still keeping VLCD food choices but adding good fat; olive oil and coconut oil. Adding eggs and bacon. Calorie Count up to 1200 for the first 2 days and up to 1500 calories on day 3 and 4. If morning weight is 1.8 lb above LIW, will not add new foods to the ...
  5. CTCD Backfired

    Well correction day backfired - the weight that I lost after CTCD totally gained it back after bingeing on Indian food yesterday. Posting my menu today. I'm ready for some cheese! Trying some tomorrow. Laughing Cow, you are going to laugh all the way to my tummy!

    Bfast - 2 Hard boiled eggs, 16 pcs cherry tomatoes, Starbucks' tall blonde roast with 3 pumps of sugar free cinnamon dolce syrup and creamer
    Lunch - Grilled Salmon, 2 cups spinach, 2 Tbsp Olive ...
  6. CTCD Day worked!

    Thank you to Miss ShelliBelli and Rabo for encouraging me to do a proper CTCD, and it worked! I think this will be part of my routine every weekend. A little nervous today since planning on having Indian after Easter Sunday Mass. Wish me luck.

    Every one of you on this blog, my FFF-gals are going through a rebirth. Be happy for your success. HCG is the best gift one can give yourself.

    P3 GUIDE:
    FIRST 3 or 4 DAYS - Still keeping VLCD food choices but ...
    Tags: ctcd, phase 3
  7. Kao Phat

    My weight had been all over the place last week. I've eaten out twice, gained a lil but still all within 2 lb wiggle room. Earlier in the week I ate some chicken and shirmp fajita which caused me to gain 1.8 lbs the next day, and yesterday I went out for lunch with a friend and we had Thai food. I ordered the worst thing on the menu.. Chicken Kao Pad (Thai Fried Rice). I'm not gonna lie the food was fantastic but I remedied myself by not eating anything else for rest of the day except for cocoa ...
    Tags: ctcd, phase 3
  8. All in one big failed boat

    Well isin't this cute? Most of my blogger friends here also have tried CTCD and gained weight. I say let's all make a pledge and do a CTCD this weekend -- and let's do it clean! No seasonings, no extra ingredients, just a lil bit of olive oil and baste the chicken in its own fat. I challenge everyone let's make this correction day work for us, because I've said in the blogs before I REALLY DO NOT WANT TO DO A STEAK DAY!

    Bfast - 2 fried eggs, 2 bacon
    Lunch ...
    Tags: ctcd, hcg, phase 3
  9. Sometimes you just gotta give in

    When my calorie count was over 1500+ and I saw the scale go up. Today my weight has been the same for the past 2 days. I'm up 0.6 lbs from last injection weight despite eating at Bone Fish Grill last night. I tried their "Lily's Chicken" - Chicken breast, goat cheese, sautéed spinach, artichoke hearts and a lemon basil sauce. It was delish!

    Doing a modified chicken thigh correction day today (thanks to MissShelliBelli), just because I am over weighing myself every morning ...
  10. Steady as she goes!

    I converted to the dark side.. I started drinking Starbucks. My cuppa joe of choice: Tall Vanilla Blonde Sugar Free with 2 tbsp half and half. So far so good, I haven't gained any from drinking coffee, but I don't want to speak to soon, no one really knows what the weight gods will bring tomorrow morning.

    Posting my menu for today and yesterday's

    P3 GUIDE:
    FIRST 3 or 4 DAYS - Still keeping VLCD food choices but adding good fat; olive oil and coconut oil. Adding ...
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