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  1. Need help with RX mixing and dosing!!!

    OK, here we go again!!!!!!!!! I can't seem to win this battle. DH and I have been starving all week even with an increase in drops. Then yesterday, the bottle smelled a bit mildewy if that's a word. It turned us both off, and neither of us wanted to put that in our mouths. Yet another setback! We were both so sick of the drop issue that we went online and ordered prescription hucog from the most well known site on this forum still selling it (had to get an access code, hint hint). I then proceeded ...
  2. to take hcg or not to take hcg

    before I go and purchase hcg, is there anyone who takes prescription meds and is taking hcg? No one can help me on this. Desperate to lose weight but need to know more. Help