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  1. My first 11 days of Phase 3 - "menus"

    I'll be honest... My first round of HCG was no shining moment for me. I lost 20lbs in a 40 day round (yay), got 4 days into P3, gained 4 pounds, and said to hell with it. And that was that. Yeah, not proud. But, that was a year ago, and I'm back with a vengeance now. I'm in P3 again and I'm being militant about it - probably to an annoying degree. Good thing I live alone!

    Whether it be me painstakingly paying attention to what I'm doing or a little luck - or both - I'm currently ...
  2. Your protein limit: Phase 3, Phase 4, etc.

    Hey all. I have to thank Beth_M for this; I had no idea that someone could eat TOO MUCH protein and gain!

    So, when I once had a gain, and Beth let me know it could be from eating too much protein, I went back and looked at my history that was present in my tracker. I discovered:

    Whenever I went over 120% of my weight in cooked grams of protein, I gained.

    So...if you want to be sure you don't gain from protein, I believe this calculation will be helpful. ...
  3. My breakfast

    For this breakfast: I ate a 1/4lb of a hamburger patty with a cheese slice along with 4 over easy eggs made in coconut oil. I also drank a cup of coffee with Nestle coffee creamer. Protein/Fats/Carbs= 50/44/17
  4. Bab

    OMG! I just can't believe that I am 0.7lbs under my last dose weight of 322.7 (I am right now 322 even). I have stayed within my 2lb range except for the 3rd day of LR/P3 but the next day it came right off. It is awesome!
    This morning I ate a 6oz boneless pork chop fried in bacon grease with 2 over easy eggs made in coconut oil and a small avocado. I also drank some coffee with sweet n low and 4tbsp of half and half. Protein/Fat/Carbs= 71/56/21

    Updated April 28th, 2012 at 06:51 PM by ambercakes (edited to add in 4 more protein for avocados)

  5. Day 4

    Injection / weekly B12
    Weight 158.2
    after 2 days of loading and 1 day at 495 calories:
    Weight 161.2

    7:00 wheat grass
    8:00 Green tea and 1/2 lemon
    9:00 lemon water 64 oz
    11:30 1/4 smoothie w/pea protein, chia, strawberry, banana, coconut oil, aloe, water
    2:00 1/4 smoothie
    2:30 lemon water 64 oz
    3:30 1/4 green juice
    4:30 giant salad, hemp seeds, cucumber, kelp, braggs liquid aminos
    6:30 ...
  6. GetSmaller : Day 25 On protein and a lack thereof

    Down 1lb today. Original goal is probably out of reach according to my ND. Another 10lbs loss is the revised ideal target.

    I've switched over to my second vial of hCG. ND suspected the first was starting to age when I mentioned I was actually feeling hunger. So actual refrigerated life-span was closer to 20 days rather than the manufacturer's 30.

    Thinking about protein amounts today. Dr. Simeons wrote,
    During treatment the patient has been only just above the verge
  7. Day 1 P3, Hark, did the Heavens just open and do I hear angels singing?

    Today I feel completely liberated! I have no cravings for anything bad (okay maybe diet coke, but I think that's partly psychological). This morning I made myself a 2 egg omelet filled w/ sauteed mushrooms, onions, and tomatoes in EVOO, soooo delicious, and a piece of pork belly (disgusting). What the heck is a pork belly you ask, yah, me too. I went to whole foods in search of nitrate free, sugar free, bacon and could not find one package w/o sugar, so I walked up to the meat counter and asked ...
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  8. Procedure for calculating batch-cooked protein amounts...

    Quote Originally Posted by Beth_M View Post
    LoL I need to write this out, cause I get this one alot.
    Procedure for calculating batch-cooked protein amounts...

    1. Weigh the entire protein, raw
    2. Divide by 3.5 ounces or 100g (I use grams for everything) to calculate total number of servings you have
    3. Cook in desired manner, let rest a bit
    4. Weigh the entire protein, cooked
    5. Divide the total cooked weight by the number of servings to determine how many ounces/grams cooked per portion
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