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  1. Insomnia remedies for P2

    It's very common to encounter sleep issues or insomnia during P2 because of the very low calorie diet.

    There are a some things you can try to mitigate the insomnia. You may find one or a combo works for you. It's important to address, as sleep quality affects weight loss. I've dealt with disturbed sleep for years, so I've done a lot of hunting for ways to make it better.
    1. Cup of hot broth before bedtime. Try having it with one of your fruits. That feeds the adrenals

    Updated November 17th, 2017 at 03:27 PM by DrJenn

  2. VLCD 14 - Slight gain 0.4

    Went from 229 to 229.4, but I don't consider this real gain - I'm a bit backed up (ugh, sorry - TMI). I would consider this a no gain/no loss at best.
    I know I keep harping on this, but for me sleep is one major key - good sleep. I wear my sleep on my face, and today I was appalled when I looked in the mirror at the zombie eyes I woke up with. It's a wicked sinus infection - the swelling and agitation is so bad it feels like my upper teeth are being pushed out. I am ...
  3. VLCD 8 - 11.8 down - Poor Sleep & First "Counseling" Session

    Down only 0.4 this morning.
    DH reports that I slept like I was possessed by a tornado last night - I don't feel more tired than usual, but that doesn't say much. I know restless sleep is not good sleep. Hopefully sleep had something to do with it. In retrospect, the shots have made me feel much more energetic, so I suppose by recent standards I was pretty beat today.

    I went back to the weight loss office today for my first "counseling" session. Total ripoff, ...
  4. VLCD 7 - 11.4 down so far - only 30 days until LIW!

    VLCD 7 - 2.4 Pounds down this morning! I find myself struggling with boredom and stress eating, but I'm still not experiencing hunger.
    I'm really stressed, and haven't been sleeping well but last night I slept 8.5 hours, and it shows in the numbers.
    For lunch I'm increasing protein by 0.5 after shoveling snow all morning to compensate.
    My 50 pound goal is my super high goal - I'm keeping 35 as my ambitious but feasible goal. This is my first time, so I thought I'd shoot high. ...
  5. Weigh in Challenges! My weight changed in a few hours!

    Well its the weekend and I usually wake up my normal time and inject my hcg and get another hour or two of sleep. By the way I'm on day 8 of VLCD.

    This morning I relieved my bladder and weighed in with an .8lb lost yay! I went back to sleep for maybe 2 hours, woke up again used the restroom and I'm down another .8lbs. Trust I'm happy it's a loss. But I find it strange. Is this normal? Also which number do I record?

    Some insight please and thanks!
  6. VLCD Day 1; tired as!

    I had one of the worst sleeps ever last night. I believe it was a combination of bad food from loading, anticipation of starting this diet today (with heaps of left over Loading food in the house...), worry about issues with my TOM and a massive thunder storm in the middle of the night. But I woke determined to get this diet under go!

    Weight this morning was 99.3kg, so down 200g from yesterday which is interesting.

    For breakfast I had two pots of weak green tea and ...
  7. R3p2vlcd12

    by , January 23rd, 2011 at 04:00 AM (Fae's Journey to reach 175lbs by the end of 2011)
    I GAINED 1.2 pounds today??? UGH. I did not cheat, but I teased my girlfriends from work. One of which will be joining this shortly. I went to breakfast with them before going home. I brought in my bag of apple slices, my stevia and ordered hot herbal tea. I drank two cups, and a portion of the ice water while they stuffed. One was loading for R1P2. I have not cheated this whole round except to eat two more melba toasts a few days ago. HOWEVER... my suspicions are that I only got 3 hours ...
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