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  1. Simple irresistible.

    I have a family history of compulsive disorders, and I definitely inherited some of them from my dad (including chocoholism, dermatillomania, and compulsive eating). The thing about compulsive eating is how mindlessly irresistible food becomes. All consequences disappear, your goal drops to the bottom of your priority list, and your rock-solid discipline dissolves faster than an Alka-seltzer. Nothing else matters--you've got tunnel vision and all you can see is that cupcake/pizza/whatever. Even ...
  2. New and on Phase 2!

    I am new to this diet. I am on day 6, including my 2 loading days and have lost 8 pounds. My 2 worries are slowing down or stalling after this first week, and keeping it off after I finish the drops. I plan to follow the maintenance protocol carefully but with the Holidays I'm worried I might slip up. Any suggestions would be great!

    My only other problem is breaking my habit of snacking! It's so hard not to snack! I'd love to hear from people that have been doing this for a while! ...
  3. Day 8 Cravings

    Australia Day today. I wanted a beer and wine and snacks. I did not, but I wanted them. A LOT. I know I have them all in the house but I managed to not eat them. I can do this. I CAN. I have to.

    The other thing that is hard is that my husband is not on this diet with me. That man is super skinny already and needs to gain. I can't starve him as I starve myself. I think he's worked out that I am on a low-carb diet but I don't think he realises how it might affect him. No more fish ...