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  1. P3 Lessons Continue On...

    It wasn't until the 3rd week of P3 that I started having trouble stabilizing. Ended up doing 2 steak days, and it appeared that things that I've done well with since the first week of P3 were starting to turn on me! But after switching up a few things, I think I may have discovered what works best for me.

    For over a week, my weight continued to fluctuate over into the 2+ pound territory even though I was eating foods that were obviously approved in week 1 of P3. In an effort to improve ...
  2. Some P4 strategies

    In trying to find a comfortable way to stabilize after reaching my goal weight, I've been working through some of the choices Grammy talks about as good ways to proceed, since they use real foods and you do not restrict or count calories in any of them.

    Yes, I am disciplined. What motivates me to be that way is terror of becoming fat ever again. Its just too important to not take seriously. Doing a planned P4 actually takes more focus than it does time. I don't bother with a lot ...

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  3. Truckin' along in P3!

    It's been a while since my last blog! Summer life is picking up (and so are the temperatures, ugh) and DH and I have been busier than usual. I've had the opportunity to reach out to some of my church friends about the HCG Protocol and direct them to this site--I'm very excited and I hope they will join the rest of us losers-who-are-really-winners.

    P3 has been going well for me; I have stayed within the 2-pound limit, though I'm still figuring out what foods I'm sensitive to (and ...

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  4. YOU are your own experiment

    What I love about this process is you can be your own science project. I was not surprised about my gain this morning (I'm at my LIW today) due to the mishaps from yesterday's 4 hour nap. I never thought I'd say this but I'd rather be eating than napping thats for sure! Today's focus is on fats, water intake and tons of protein. I thought I was ready to try some new foods tomorrow but I will hold off. I want to make sure that today's gain was resulted from lack of calories, decreased water and increased ...
  5. ROUND TWO: First Round Mistakes and How I Plan to Do P3 Differently This Time

    by , February 3rd, 2013 at 09:59 AM (Health and Happiness: My Journey)
    Hello All! Well, today is R2 VLCD 20, and I have 4 more days left on VLCD, 6 left until P3! With that in mind, I've been giving a lot of thought to what I did right/wrong last round, and what I'm going to do differently this round with that knowledge.

    First, here are the 2 main things that I did wrong during my first P3:

    #1. CHEAT! I am completely convinced that this was my biggest error in my first P3. Cheating in P2 is bad enough (and I did this alot in my first round!),

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  6. The wonders of SAMe

    One other supplement that folks may be interested in taking to prevent stress-related gains and to possibly assist in stabilization: SAMe (also sometimes called SAM-e). It occurs naturally in the body, but is depleted in times of stress. It helps with things like insomnia (which I've suffered from), depression, "brain fog," all that and more. It helps your body function well, even when under stress.

    Information on it here, part of the information on SAMe that's posted on ...

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  7. Last injection yest. lost almost 2lbs this morning! HELP w/ stabilization & exercise

    Yay! I'm entering phase 3 and I'm deathly afraid of gaining weight! Yesterday I took my final injection and woke up this morning for a weigh in and lost almost 2 pounds! So now I'm unsure of which weight to use for my +-2 pounds? What if I continue to lose weight daily? Or throughout the next 21 days?

    On addition, I haven't worked out at all while on hcg. But after my 72 hours has expired I plan to start running again. I'm sure this will cause me to lose more weight, is that bad? ...
  8. Today I took my last injection for this round.

    I still have two more days on the VLCD, then I'm off to the Stabilization phase. I didn't lose 40lbs, like I wanted to, but for someone with mobility problems- 19lbs is pretty good. (It was 20, but I cheated.) It's very easy to become obsessed. I'm trying to be balanced. I do really well day to day, and the occasional slip up isn't going to cost me all my progress. I still have a long way to go, go, so in the long run- it won't matter very much.

    All in all, I have ...
  9. R1P3D6..could use some encouragmeent because I am worried I won't stabalize.

    Well....my clinic gave me some alternatives to the steak day because the steak day actually makes me feel horrible all day because the hunger pains are so bad. One alternative is an egg day where you eat 8-12 eggs throughout the day. I ate 8 eggs today and oopsie...at 2 very very very small snickerdoodle cookies from the almond flour cookbook (no carbs, no sugar). I hope that didn't derail the reset day. I love the almond flour cookbook by the way. I started stabilizing at around 175. It should ...
  10. P3 and the Shangri La Diet / set point / stabilization

    Here is my musings...

    Quote Originally Posted by Amanda Rabe View Post
    Okay, to all who are on P3... I just came off p3 and you know, the up and down was happening. Then I remembered this diet I did back in 07'.. Just wanted to share the audio book with you guys. so have a good listen.., Of course :duh: I do the oil part of it. Also google for all the experimental type, there is a forum for it. https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B30...ut=list&num=50