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  1. 2019 -- Another Round -- Ups and Downs

    So, I'm back at it again, and have been for three weeks now. I'm on my 22nd shot and was doing good until the scale stopped and is now slowly moving in the opposite direction. I've done so many rounds and at this point know that it can be a number of things that has contributed to this, but I really think it comes down to a few new supplements I just added to the mix a few days ago.

    Here are all of the factors:
    1. I added a few new supplements -- all are good for skin, hair, ...
  2. R2 P3/Leptin - Day 10

    220.8 (-.8) LIW+1.2

    "Back down again. Guess that is the trend then. Re-discovered my crock pot yesterday and slow cooking. Christmas present that was just sitting pretty. It is an incredible piece of equipment. I seasoned chicken (as much as I can on Leptin . . . No nightshades and all that) put em all in the crock pot and then this morning, I woke up to my ...