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  1. Teas For the Win!

    I'm a foodie, even when it comes to teas! Here are some teas I think are really helpful (at least they are for me). I've always used these, but it's great that I can continue to use them while on protocol. Just thought I'd share them.

    Stacy's Tea List

    Numi Chocolate Pu'er Tea (Good with Stevia and Cinnamon)
    Numi Broccoli Cilantro Savory Tea
    Numi Tomato Mint Savory Tea
    Numi Beet Cabbage Tea
    Numi Aged Earl Grey
    Tulsi Organic Sweet Rose ...
  2. Hunger & Habit

    Good news first. This morning DH pulled me into a hug and exclaimed, "You feel smaller!" Talk about a great way to start the day!

    Now for the other news. My weight loss seems to be slowing a bit, and I'm wondering if I ought to change a few of my habits and see if that helps. I'm used to having "dessert" after dinner, but since I started hCG I've been having a cup of tea (vanilla chai or Earl Grey) with Stevia and a tablespoon, er teaspoon of almond milk. I've ...

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