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  1. Tips/Thoughts after four VLCDs

    I thought I would share my thoughts after almost four days on Phase 2.

    1) I was hungry, no sugar-coating it. But I reminded myself that I made myself fat and I was sticking to this.

    2) Carbonated water in the evenings help me. I add sliced lemon and ice and this seems like a treat.

    3) It gets better. Day 3 was brutal with a bad headache but day 4 is so much easier.

    4) Keep busy. At home - clean, sew, whatever busies your hands and mind. ...
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  2. How to P4

    Quote Originally Posted by mgsondance View Post
    here's some P4 info:

    After 3 wks of no sugar or no starch, it's time to start to re-introduce new foods. Again, if you have a suspicion that you might be sensitive to something, it's best to add that food by itself and watch your weight.

    In general, I recommend that you start by adding the sweeter fruits. Next, add starchy veggies- peas, winter squash, corn, etc. A sweet potato is another possibility. This is a good plan for week one of P4. By the end of the week
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