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  1. VLCD10: Gained 0.1. TOM? Burn?

    VLCD 10. Woke up 0.1. Felt good yesterday. You know how sometimes you just FEEL like you're body is working well for you and you know you'll lose? That's how I felt yesterday. Guess I was wrong.

    I burned myself yesterday, of course. So maybe there's some generalized inflammation from that.

    Also, since starting with an IUD as birth control, TOM has been irregular. It's not often that I get it to begin with, thankfully, and hopefully it will just stop on it's own ...
  2. Pcos due to weight gain?

    Today I was diagnosed with having Amenorrhea due to weight gain. My OBGYN told me that I have gained over 50 pounds in three years. I was told to go on a diet and now I am on MEDS to make my menstrual become regular. I have a longgg road ahead but I have begun my journey.
  3. VLCD 3 Stalled :( 176.6

    So yesterday i stayed on protocol but i remained the same weight
    I even did 40 minutes of Jillian Michael's cardio
    And i woke up to TOM ;( Im hoping it was TOM that made me stall but in my last round TOM didn't make stall at all. I actually started VLCD with TOM and i loss just fine. So i dont know what this is. Its weird because on my second loading day i loss 1.6 but now on VLCD i'm not losing much! Today i will drop the cardio and see how that works out
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  4. Lost 2 pounds on first weigh in!

    Hello HCG World!
    R1P2VLCD1: 190.4
    R1P2VLCD2: 188.4!
    I was amazed when i stepped on the scale this morning! Yesterday i was miserable and feeling undetermined but today just brought back some hope. It is unusual to lose 2 pounds in one day? I also started TOM yesterday but it doesn't look like its affecting my results . I think i am going to go to sam's club to get a bulk of food so i dont keep having to buy food all the time. I cant wait to see where i am at in a week.
  5. Yay! Argh. Yay! Argh.

    Well, it's that TOM, and of course it happened to fall on the home stretch of my P2 run. I just hope it won't slow my losses too much. -__-

    Speaking of losses, I had a measly 0.2 loss this morning... but that measly 0.2 put me in the 150s!! Now I know that it's possible for my scale to read 1-5-something! I haven't been this light since last year. Very briefly. So many feels... TOM, 150s, yay, argh, and so on.

    6.4 more pounds to go to hit my 25-pound goal.
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  6. A Rant, A Whine, A Bitch

    Sorry I have not been blogging recently. I just feel defeated. After my "episode" (almost passing out) and my brother's graduation, my weight has been all over the place. I only have 21 days left on this diet and I am nowhere near goal. I thought I would have at least entered the 140's by now but I am still in the upper 150's with the end near in sight. I should have never even set an end goal weight because now I look at the number: 135 and it feels like 100 miles away. Since I ate off ...
  7. Water Retention

    TOM is looming for me. I can feel my face expanding and my hands tightening. I just feel fat, obviously also very hormonal for the lack of content on this particular blog.

    P3 GUIDE:
    FIRST 3 or 4 DAYS - Still keeping VLCD food choices but adding good fat; olive oil and coconut oil. Adding eggs and bacon. Calorie Count up to 1200 for the first 2 days and up to 1500 calories on day 3 and 4. If morning weight is 1.8 lb above LIW, will not add new foods to the ...