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  1. FMD update -stabilizing in P4

    After Round 6 (30 day round) I stabilized for several months at or near LIW of 150. But something changed about 4 months out and I started to be unable to stay in my 4 pound window. I was regularly going over and steak days, while still working were not getting me low enough not to bounce back over again the next day.

    So I decided to hide out in FMD, also hoping that I could not only stop the gain, but maybe even lose my last 10-15. The first month, I did the program as written ...

    Updated August 16th, 2015 at 07:51 PM by Leez

  2. UPDATE! 2 months after HCG diet with PICS!

    Hello HCG world!,
    It has been two months since i have been off the HCG and everything is going great! I ended at 168.2 and now i am 165.6. Everyone noticed the dramatic change in my appearance too. I never gained any of the weight back! College has been great so far. At first it was hard to transition to regular eating habits but i got the hang of it. My lifestyle now is so different from my lifestyle freshmen year of college. I go to the gym at least 3 times a week and i dont drink ...
  3. VLCD6- Miracle Noodle Update

    I finally tried the miracle noodles last night and to my surprise, still lost (0.8). DH lost 1.5 of course, but good news is we both lost. I ate about 1/3 and he ate 2/3 of the package. Yes, they smelled very fishy when opening (and I HATE seafood), but I just rinsed them really well, patted them dry, then threw them in a frying pan and dry-fried them. Both of us then mixed with pre-cooked onions and chicken. I then added chicken broth and braggs with a few spices to mine. DH added P2 friendly ...
  4. Gearing up for Round 3!

    Hey, everyone! I've missed the boards, but I just can't visit much while I'm in P3/P4. It makes me neurotic for some strange reason.

    Round 2 was alright for me; I didn't lose as much as I might've liked, but I think I may have actually gained some muscle during R2P2, if that's even possible. Early in P3 I noticed that I was a lot stronger than I had been before round 2. I've maintained okay, needing some correction days here and there. Steak days don't seem to work that well for me. ...
    Tags: round 3, update
  5. R1P2 Day 30

    Started March 6, 2011
    LDW - 186.6
    W1 : (-9.2)
    W2 : (-2.4) TOM
    W3 : (-2.8)
    W4 : (-1.6)
    VLCD29 : 169.8 (-.4)
    VLCD30 : 168.8 (-1)

    I had to put my candida cleanse on hold. 500 calories is just not enough to sustain a powerful cleanse, even at half strength. So I'll start it back up sometime in P3. I have toyed with the idea of extending ...
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