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  1. Vegan Newbie- Boku question

    Hi everyone. I'm new to this group, and I'm getting ready to start my first round of HCG injections on Friday. I'm trying to prepare by stocking up on what I need to succeed. I read through a few vegan posts, and I plan on using Sun Warrior protein powders, as I think this is going to be an easier option for me.

    One of the posts I read mentioned Boku powder. I found two. One is a "super protein" and the other is a "super food". Which one would you suggest? ...
    Tags: newbie, vegan
  2. Day 4

    Injection / weekly B12
    Weight 158.2
    after 2 days of loading and 1 day at 495 calories:
    Weight 161.2

    7:00 wheat grass
    8:00 Green tea and 1/2 lemon
    9:00 lemon water 64 oz
    11:30 1/4 smoothie w/pea protein, chia, strawberry, banana, coconut oil, aloe, water
    2:00 1/4 smoothie
    2:30 lemon water 64 oz
    3:30 1/4 green juice
    4:30 giant salad, hemp seeds, cucumber, kelp, braggs liquid aminos
    6:30 ...