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  1. P2D17 here... and feeling bit low.

    Day 17 here... I should be happy and estatic... Only 23 more days to go! But have been feeling gloomy all week and unsure why. Sick of food ruling my thoughts!
    I've brought some Vit B today and see if that helps... It's meant to!

    Total weight lost now is 8.4KG or 18.5 pounds in 16 weigh-ins.. Stressing that I'm not going to reach my goal weight this round of 20kg's lost... Stupid to stress over this but I am.

    Few updates on my blog -
    Me rambling on YouTube ...
  2. Does Food to boost mood work?

    My visit to nutritionist taught me that people with low levels of D and omega- 3s are prone to possess symptoms of depression, so please make sure you’re obtaining enough of each shield. Specialists say there’s an extra nutrient that might be essential, I was suggested multivitamins. Magnesium was added to my diet chart. Nutritionist mentions me that it will boost calm and peaceful mental condition. Anybody over here has similar experience. I would like to know.
  3. Harry Potter's Chocolate delight <3

    Good morning!
    I haven't blogged in a couple days since I been doing some experimenting of my own and trying out a few things. I changed up my multivitamin due to the fact I have been feeling very sluggish lately and getting more tired. I know you are suppose to get more sleep on this diet but 8:30?? 9pm?? Thats.... a bit wild. I believed it was the vitamin I was taking so I switched to an herbal vitamin rather than the synthetic over the counter at Walgreen's I been purchasing.
    Not ...
  4. Vitamins

    I am on the injection diet, which comes with loads of vitamins and minerals, plus probiotics and enzymes. Do you get all this with the drops? I was just wondering as some friends are interested?

    So far have lost the 1lb a day, much to my surprise and delight!! So day 4, 4lb down.

    Slight panic as I am booked to go out for dinner on day 23, which is 2 days after the injections when I am meant to still be on the very low calories. We are going to an Indian restaurant. ...
  5. My journey so far...

    A little bit of background...
    I have several medical issues, and all of them would improve if I can get some weight off. I have multiple sclerosis, CRPS in my right foot/leg. The combination of these problems, along with being over 100lbs overweight, have left me substantially disabled w/ left sided weakness, as well right sided problems- though to a lesser degree in my right hand/arm than the rest of my body. Still, I refuse to give up! While I do realize that many of my problems are ...
  6. Day 31

    Total lost since Monday: 14.7 kg (~33 lb)

    I recently stalled again and drank more water and eliminated my last piece of fruit to start losing again. I tried using steak and eggs on this phase but either stalled or gained introducing either (probably fat content), chicken makes me feel nauseous, so I'm eating veal or turkey.

    Planning for P3, I apparently need at least 2,400 cals BMR and around 2800-2900 for maintenance .. which is a scary amount of food to eat (of fat ...