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  1. Vlcd 3

    Today resembled yesterday with just a slightly reduced hunger. Not sure if maybe because I ate an apple for breakfast helped but things were better today.

    I caved and had a burger wrapped in lettuce for lunch. Mmmmm... it was so good. I made it on the George Forman grill since my husband failed to fill the "extra" propane tank we have. That was a nice surprise when trying to grill today. You might think that having to use the foreman isn't a big deal but let me tell ya, ...
  2. VLCD 3 Stalled :( 176.6

    So yesterday i stayed on protocol but i remained the same weight
    I even did 40 minutes of Jillian Michael's cardio
    And i woke up to TOM ;( Im hoping it was TOM that made me stall but in my last round TOM didn't make stall at all. I actually started VLCD with TOM and i loss just fine. So i dont know what this is. Its weird because on my second loading day i loss 1.6 but now on VLCD i'm not losing much! Today i will drop the cardio and see how that works out
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  3. McDonalds, Taco Bell, & Latte's : )

    So I am sitting here with my husband (who is not on the diet or trying to be healthier) I have to go get dog food so he wants me to pick him up Mcdonalds or Taco Bell. After thinking of which one he wants he asks me which one is healthier!!!??? What!!!! LOL!

    Anyway........ I am on VLCD 3 and I am down 4 pounds this morning. I have kept drinking my morning latte since I have started VLCD but I do not eat the fruit or any bread. It does have 1 cup of 2% milk! I do not like the texture ...
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