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  1. Beginning of Round 2....

    Round 2 is getting off to a great start!

    P1 -- Loading:
    Like previous rounds, I had to FORCE myself to load, because of my lack of hunger. I'm so glad I didn't go grocery shopping to stock up on things to load on, because most of it would have gone to waste. I just ate a few avocados, a bunch of almonds, some cocoa crack, a Ribeye steak, cheesecake, tiramisu, and some creamy roasted garlic mashed potatoes.

    The Results:

    Pre-load: 180
    VLCD ...
  2. Plans for a Successful R2

    Round 2 is only a few days away, and I'm excited about it. I'm comfortable with where I am during this stabilization phase -- 3 lbs. under LIW even after adding sweet potatoes, air-popped popcorn, fruit juice, almonds, dairy, and tons of cocoa crack. Also, my appetite seems to have diminished, which makes me eager to get back to a VLCD.

    I'm shocked that I have no desire to gorge on things I might miss during the VLCD, but it's further validation that I've gotten over my addiction ...
  3. First week down!

    I was thinking the other day, I have no clue at this point what round I'm on since I first started doing this 4 years ago. In the beginning it was to get my body back and finally be happy. The last couple years they've been maintenance rounds more than anything. I have always kept journals but after this long I don't even know where those notes are.

    I do have all my notes in my computer though from things that have worked for me to things that did not. As well as cycling, which I ...
    Tags: hcg, phase 2, vlcd
  4. Vlcd 5

    So far so good. I am down 5.6lbs so far. On my first vlcd I was actually down 1lb after all the loading which is a first for me. I can gain anywhere up to 9lbs loading (this when I do a 3 day load if I do a 40 day round which I have found works better for me). All in all, I only gained 3.5lbs loading.

    I am back to taking my vitamins like I use to while on the diet. But this time I've added in 5HTP. I read that it helps with moods and hunger. Well, I don't get hungry on the hcg, but ...
  5. Crossing Fingers on Hitting Sweet Spot!

    I don't want to jinx myself by saying this, but I think I may have hit my dosage sweet spot. That would be awesome for me so early in a round - VLCD 7 today. It's the first day I haven't felt a tinge of hunger after being out of bed for an hour or so. Still just contentedly sipping my coffee, not considering a celery or cucumber stick (my go-to's, subtracted from later in the day). So for that, I'm thankful.

    Officially ridiculously addicted to homemade fraps. Thank the culinary ...
  6. Early skip day - good sign? Bad sign? Not a sign? VLCD 4

    VLCD4, and it feels like I've been at it forever. Haha. In a good way, though, like it's already back to being a habit. I woke up 1.2lbs down, thankfully. That puts me at almost one pound over LIW from last round.

    I was absolutely ravenous yesterday. As I told a friend, I was so hungry I could've clubbed a baby seal and eaten it raw. It was pretty bad. I didn't deviate or cheat, but it was difficult. For me, it's a little early in the round to have to adjust a dose, but maybe ...
  7. I'm here again

    It's been about 10 months since I was here last. Last time I was working on losing 10lbs and I did it. I just celebrated my birthday yesterday. Time sure flies.

    I was recently ill from a sinus infection that went into my lungs. I was put on prednisone and you guessed it, weight on. Not too bad. But either way, I need to lose 15lbs.

    Today is vlcd 1. Just had my 2 loading days and I ate until I felt I couldn't eat anymore. You always worry though if you ate enough to ...
    Tags: hcg, paleo, primal, vlcd
  8. 140s is just a mirage

    I should just make 150 my favorite number since I've been in this decade for freaking 25 days! RIDICULOUS!

    ROUND 1
    2/1/13 LOAD DAY 1 186.2 lbs
    2/2/13 LOAD DAY 2 187.8 lbs
    3/12/13 VLCD DAY 40 163.2 lbs *LAST INJECTION DAY
    4/24/13 P4 DAY 40 163.8 lbs (0.6 lb above LIW)
    TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS = 23 lbs

    ROUND 2

    4/27/13 LOAD DAY 1 164.0 lbs
    4/28/13 LOAD DAY 2 165.8 lbs ( + 1.8 lbs)
    4/29/13 VLCD DAY 3 168.0 ...
  9. 18.7 Pounds down!! - Stalling - WillPower

    03/14/2013 - R1/P1/D1 - 255.2
    03-15/2013 - R1/P1/D2 - 253.7
    03/16-2013 - R1/P2/VLCD1 - 253.8
    03/17/2013 - R1/P2/VLCD2 - 250.0
    03/18/2013 - R1/P2/VLCD3 - 247.8
    03/19/2013 - R1/P2/VLCD4 - 245.6
    03/20/2013 - R1/P2/VLCD5 - 244.8
    03/21/2013 - R1/P2/VLCD6 - 242.8
    03/22/2013 - R1/P2/VLCD7 - 242.8
    03/23/2013 - R1/P2/VLCD8 - 241.4
    03/24/2013 – R1/P2/VLCD9 - 241.4
    03/25/2013 – R1/P2/VLCD10 – 239.0
    03/26/2013 – R1/P2/VLCD11 ...
  10. Shop till you drop

    Hello fellow losers!

    Ok, you guys must admit you are loving your new weight and wherever you are in your weight loss journey you had to go and check out the sales at the mall. Come on! Don't be shy!

    Instead of enjoying some BBQ, burgers and hotdogs, I went cray cray at the outlets. The best part about it is I dropped 2 pant sizes. Woohoo!

    ROUND 1
    2/1/13 LOAD DAY 1 186.2 lbs
    2/2/13 LOAD DAY 2 187.8 lbs
    3/12/13 VLCD DAY 40 163.2 ...
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