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  1. Round 3 VLCD 2 7/9/14

    So I woke up to a loss today!! From 170 to 166.8 Not sure if it was true weight or TOM water weight (who has yet to show up). Probably a combination of both because the most I usually lose per day is 1 pound.... Maybe the weight gods are looking down on me... Either way, it's a loss so I'm happy.

    My brother conned me into going to lunch with him on his lunch break. Unfortunately, hee wanted chipotle!!! I LOVE CHIPOTLE!! But I was a good girl. I only ate lettuce and steak... that's ...
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  2. Lost 2 pounds on first weigh in!

    Hello HCG World!
    R1P2VLCD1: 190.4
    R1P2VLCD2: 188.4!
    I was amazed when i stepped on the scale this morning! Yesterday i was miserable and feeling undetermined but today just brought back some hope. It is unusual to lose 2 pounds in one day? I also started TOM yesterday but it doesn't look like its affecting my results . I think i am going to go to sam's club to get a bulk of food so i dont keep having to buy food all the time. I cant wait to see where i am at in a week.
  3. Interesting how it's 2 days shy of a year (R1P2 VLCD 2)

    Hey everyone! I'm Ashley. Restarting this blog and diet. If you look back at my blog, you can see that 2 days shy of a year ago, I started the diet and failed.

    I'm doing ok on it so far. The first VLCD was really tough and I cheated at the end of the night (darn!) and ate 3 glazed donuts that were left over from my load day. I felt like such a failure.

    But, today (3-15-12) was a new day! I did really well today, but then again I wasn't home much. The only "bad" ...
  4. ~Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny Feels~

    Ok heres the numbers for me and the hubs

    VLCD1 140.6 218.6
    VLCD2 138.2 213.2
    Thats a - 2.4 & -5.4 lbs

    (Of course you realize Im on the left and he is on the right based on the fact he lost DOUBLE what I did in the same day eating the same food taking the same dosage of HCG. men ...hmmph....

    Excited to see a loss for myself. I bet it will be my biggest and only loss thats more than 1 pound. I ...
  5. VLCD2 started, yesterday was a success!

    I'm so happy to say that yesterday was so much easier than I expected. I know that you have some leftover fullness from loading, and the rest of this week will better determine how well I'll be able to stave off hunger with the dosage I'm doing and the time of day and such, but I'm feeling very positive about it!!!

    The difference between yesterday and today: yesterday was a Sunday and I spent 90% of it in my massive bedroom. I played a video game on my xbox (yes, I'm an adult, ...
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  6. VLCD2 - 6 lbs already!

    Just dropped 2.5 lbs. I felt somewhat tired yesterday. My body felt like it was lightly sore from a phantom workout & needed a bit more rest. In the evening, a friend invited my dogs & I for a walk & I lasted over an hour without problem.

    I did not feel like eating most of the day, which lead to a late lunch and dinner. I actually did not finish about 100 g of the cabbage I made for dinner due to feeling "stuffed," though I enjoyed the taste of the Szechwan ...
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