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  1. Ready to navigate through the muddy waters of P3

    Woohoo! I am down 21.4 lbs since I started. This means I get to pick out something pretty from a jewelry store or a purse store. Several factors for this:
    1. Started walking on the treadmill (very low speed) daily to help my metabolism
    2. I am working more on the weekends where I stand on my feet for 8 hours
    3. Cutting out melba toast and fruit.

    I only have 2 more days until my last dose and like many bloggers here I have mixed feelings about P3. I am ...
  2. The start of my wedding weight loss!

    Today is day three of loading for me. I am using HCG patches and I really like them.
    BUST: 49
    WAIST: 41
    THIGHS: 35

    This is a day of do over for me. I successfully lost about 60 pounds on HCG before but I have since regained all the weight plus some more.
    Unfortunately I cannot post a weight because my scale is not working and I have to get a new one so I will post that progress in a few days.

    I am getting ...
  3. Weigh in Challenges! My weight changed in a few hours!

    Well its the weekend and I usually wake up my normal time and inject my hcg and get another hour or two of sleep. By the way I'm on day 8 of VLCD.

    This morning I relieved my bladder and weighed in with an .8lb lost yay! I went back to sleep for maybe 2 hours, woke up again used the restroom and I'm down another .8lbs. Trust I'm happy it's a loss. But I find it strange. Is this normal? Also which number do I record?

    Some insight please and thanks!
  4. Loading Day One and My Story

    I get to begin!

    So far I have yet to eat anything but I'm about to make me some fried eggs for breakfast The eating all day is the hardest part for me because I'm so used to avoiding food. Last time around I didn't really get to "load up" and I think it effected my first try. I only got about two weeks in before quitting last time but now I know it's not what made me sick. I pray to God that this time
  5. Vitamins

    I am on the injection diet, which comes with loads of vitamins and minerals, plus probiotics and enzymes. Do you get all this with the drops? I was just wondering as some friends are interested?

    So far have lost the 1lb a day, much to my surprise and delight!! So day 4, 4lb down.

    Slight panic as I am booked to go out for dinner on day 23, which is 2 days after the injections when I am meant to still be on the very low calories. We are going to an Indian restaurant. ...
  6. First day on VLCD

    Good morning!

    Today is my first day on the VLCD - I have to admit I have some anxiety over the foods that I am allowed to eat and their quantities - even though in all reality the foods themselves are no different then what I stock my fridge with every week - just a little more limited in variety. I of course weighed in this morning (yesterday was a loading day!) and somehow I lost AGAIN - not complaining, but slightly worried that I didn't gain on either day...

  7. Loading Day 2 - already losing!

    So yesterday was not fun - I hate eating fat fat and more fat! I couldn't make it to the supposedly recommended 250 grams of fat for a loading day - I don't want to make myself sick!!!

    Today's weight: 231.5

    LOSS: 2.2lbs

    ^What?! That is crazy! I lost weight after eating garbage... I just can't believe that at all but I'll take it!

    It was injection #2 today at 9:00am (I'm shooting for regular injection times if possible). So far I've only ...
  8. R1p2 vlcd 3

    Just finished day 3, successfully.

    I have to admit that it as HARD HARD HARD though! It's not even hunger, I'm not hungry at all. I get hungry, eat protocol food and I'm fine. It's just CRAVINGS that are killing me. I don't even want to talk about what I want because that seems to make it stronger. Or seeing pictures in commercials or on ads online. It sucks. I can't say I was close to giving up, but I definitely thought about it.

    I hate that this is so hard. It's ...
  9. Eureka? Hcg day 11, vlce day 9

    I feel a bit better this morning. I lost 1.8 lbs which is a whole lot better than nothing. It's not 2+ but it ain't zero either, so I am more content today.
    Everyone has been so helpful with suggestions and I am keeping them all in the front of my mind for the rest of this ordeal. Ahh! Maybe in the next world, overweight and obese will be popular, Rubinesque, so to speak, and we will all be overjoyed with life instead of worrying about how much weight can be lost in a day.
  10. Yippee! Hcg day 7, vlcd 5

    Well, golly Gomer, I lost some more. I believe it was 1.2 lbs Am pretty impressed that it keeps going down--not at lightening speed, but down none the less.

    There is some talk about ADC not selling hcg anymore and reasons rumored vary from the US won't let it in anymore, to the hcg has been banned in India altogether. So I emailed them last night and this is their reply to me this morning:


    Thank you for your ...

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    Day to Day Journey
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