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  1. Woot! Woot! hcg 5 Vlcd day 3

    So this morning I have shown a total weight loss of 2 lbs. In my fantasy world of hcg dieting, I would have lost at least 8 pounds by now, but in the 3D world, it is not so. I am finding so far, that my meals are rather good. I bought a microwave rice cooker/vegetable steamer and have been using that for vegetables like asparagus and spinach, cabbage, and for fish like shrimp and talapia. I pan broil onions with creole seasoning in a small pan with water. I also got a very tiny george foreman ...

    Updated February 27th, 2012 at 08:50 AM by mrsmoogers

    Day to Day Journey
  2. Well, this is just ducky! Day 4 of hcg, day 2 vlcd

    I stuck to this vlcd like glue yesterday, even drinking until I thought I would pee my brains out, didn't eat a thing at the restaurant but iced tea, ate before I went, had a small cup of coffee at the book discussion, and what????? I lost a trifling .8 lbs from when I started prior to going on this diet.

    Oh, the drama!

    Updated February 27th, 2012 at 08:51 AM by mrsmoogers

    Day to Day Journey
  3. 1 week down! The good, bad and Ugly and Beautiful!

    I've been meaning to figure out how to blog in here!
    So I have somewhere I can write out the hcg happenings and my family (un-supportive) won't see.

    Today is the official mark of week 1 done!
    So let me back up and start at the beginning. With a little about me.

    I am 30 years old. A mother to 4 beautiful babes here, and 7 more in Heaven. (miscarriages) A photographer by profession. A wife. A lover of piano and singing.
    When I find time I love ...
  4. THINspirational Moment

    As I am preparing to begin my loading days on Monday & Tuesday (Not Saturday as I hoped...that darn TOM) I realized that not all gain is bad gain....Just recently I have gained a lot..I gained the courage to look in the mirror and say I needed to change, I gained the strength to commit to such a strict plan, I gained faith to believe I will have my sexy back, I have the ability to look ahead to the future and see a healthier, happier....thinner ME! I want everyone reading this to realize that ...
  5. First milestone!

    I just knew that I would wake up stalled this morning. Yesterday Hubby & I went to Oktoberfest. I was so good... all I had there was 2 bottles of water. But then the group decided to hit a bar before going home. I was bought a drink (vodka & Redbull) and I drank it. We did tons of walking & I drank tons of water throughout the day, but still. I felt terrible & knew I'd gain or stall.

    But to my surprise, At this morning's check, I was down 1.4 lbs. I am down a total ...
  6. THE DIET DROPS: Control 10x: Appetite Suppressant & Energy Boost

    Control 10x is everything you need to support appetite relief and weight control in one convenient blend. Because it is delivered in liquid form, Control 10x bypasses your digestive system and goes straight into the bloodstream and cells for optimal effect.

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  7. summary

    after my two load days I started
    4/25 VLCD#1 at 203.4
    4/26 VLCD#2 at 200.2
    4/27 VLCD#3 at 198.0
    4/28 VLCD#4 at 196.8
    4/29 VLCD#5 at 196.0
    4/30 VLCD#6 at 194.8
    5/01 VLCD#7 at 194.4
    5/02 VLCD#8 at 194.0
    5/03 VLCD#9 at 194.0
    5/04 VLCD#10 was 193.6
    5/05 VLCD#11 was 193.4
    5/06 VLCD#12 was 193.2
    5/07 VLCD#13 was 193.2
    5/08 VLCD#14 was 192.6
    5/09 VLCD#15 was ...
    Tags: hcg, weight loss
  8. Life change!!

    After a few slip ups my first week, i started fresh again and am in it to win it now. I HAVE to do it this time. It's SUCH a huge life change, and eating right is the hardest part (no more late nights stuffing my face and feeling like total crap after)!
    Learn to live your life!

    Yesterday I worked out with my personal trainer and ate about 800 (good) cals, and dropped 3.3 lbs. I was also active because I went out all night with my friends. Nonetheless, WHAT!?!!? Couldn't be ...
  9. Day5- vlcd3

    After weighing myself I am a little disappointed. I lost a pound , which is really good, but not like the three I lost yesterday. I'm going to keep plugging along. A lot of people are attacking the diet after watching Dr. Oz...Grrrr...it makes me have doubts....
    Tags: weight loss
  10. First day of LOADING

    Hey there,

    I am looking forward to this diet! I have heard nothing but good things from it and it doesn't seem too hard. for starters I barely eat as it is (that's my major problem). So I think that the 500 calorie a day "Should" not be a problem. Funny how once your told you cant eat something that's when you want it the most. hoping for a good 30lb loss, but I will take anything at this point.

    Today has been hard "making" myself Over eat! never ...
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