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  1. Working out during P2 - An Endurance Athlete's HCG Diet Blog - VLCD 3

    VLCD3 was great. I did get home exhausted, but it was definitely a mental exhaustion from work not really from the HCG. I just wanted to lay around and be lazy, which is fine because today was my rest day. However, my Wednesday rest day coincides with me and my bf's bowling league night, which we have missed for the past 2 weeks, so we really had to show up. I went straight to the bar to get a glass of water and was able to say "no" to the 2 pitchers of beer my team shared. Score! I was ...
  2. Working out during P2 - An Endurance Athlete's HCG Diet Blog - VLCD 2

    VLCD 2 was my first day to work out and I was a little nervous. I did fine though. I didn't feel weak and I got through the day with a normal amount of hunger (right before lunch, and right before I left work). It's really a mental challenge though. Going into practice I had to tell myself over and over "You've had SO MUCH TO EAT" and forget that I am really on very few calories. If I focus on how little I had to eat I would never be able to get through a workout.

    Workout ...
  3. Happy New Year?

    I'm so glad this year is finally over. I hope and pray that this coming year is full of healthy surprises that make me happy! I found out that one of my dearest friends' breast cancer has gone to her brain now. Devastated. I keep trying to find stories of women who have beaten the odds - I find a few, but in my heart of hearts I feel like I just spent my last Christmas/New Years with her. I hate cancer with all my heart and soul. Another friends' father died of his cancer last week and I have ...
  4. Loading Day 3

    Today is going much better that the previous day. I started the day with sausage, egges, and pumpking pancakes. I finished my rib tips from Famous Daves. I've had lots and lots of ice cream. I hope and pray this will be sufficient to make the rest of the week will go well.

    I'm planning a walk and some light weight lifting in the morning because I want to show off tonned muscels when this fat melts away. I will take a picture in my workout clothes before heading off to the gym. ...