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Day 9 of Phase 2

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So I only had a small weight loss again this morning on the scale, but that's okay. Some of you reminded me that I was probably still losing inches and sure enough I was. I did try mushrooms last night and will see what happens. I know that I didn't eat enough yesterday and that is not good.
This morning was the first morning that my husband told me that he could see a difference. He touched my belly and my sides and said he could definitely see a difference. That totally made my day and gave me more encouragement to keep up with this.
I am finally under 200lbs! I haven't been under 200lbs in probably 4-5 years.
And I have to tell you! I really like this blogging thing. I can say everything on here that I don't really say to anyone else because they don't know what this diet is like.
I wonder if anyone one else had the feeling of a little bit of fear at actually losing the weight? I was trying to explain to my mom what I meant by being a little scared and she didn't get it. But it is scary (and exciting) to think that I can actually really lose a good deal of weight and look good again and feel good about myself.
Have any of you felt that little twinge of fear? Or am I just a little cooky?

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  1. Jill Rose's Avatar
    That's great! I am on my 5th day and i have lost 4.5 pounds. At the beginning i was so hungry i wanted to eat my whole kitchen!! But now i don't even think of eating! My hunger pains are not there as much as a few days ago But yes at first i can say i was a little scared just with the fact that if i could ACTUALLY have the will power to not eat everything that i usually eat. But i was more EXCITED. It's bathing suit season and i want to look good again! I love my homeopathic drops that i got at Rebekahspureliving! So many people have had outstanding results with hers and i feel like I'm on my way!
  2. julief's Avatar
    I have seen that fear and excitment stop alot of people on this diet..I have a friend from the forum who reached 200 6 times in the last 3 months, and allways gains above right after she gets to 199. You can do this, don't overthink your weight number, or you could get into an issue. I would put away the scale for 3 days honestly, and make sure you keep on protocol. To stop you from thinking woot i made 100's and give yourself permission to eat as a reward, or just becuase you are doing so well, or self sabatogue yourself because you are afraid of the change in yourself.

    I think a big part of it is you tell yourself excuses of why you are fat for so long, and now HCg has proved them wrong, and it is hard for your mind to just put away.

    I definately would put the scale away for a few days, and eat on protocol, and be super careful with yourself till then.