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I hate P2.

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I really do. I like the weight I lose during it, but I'm seriously miserable the entire phase. I envy those who never have dosage/hunger problems, because that's always a given for me at least half the round, if not sporadically throughout the entire thing. I have to readjust every single round, usually multiple times throughout. I hate feeling nauseatingly empty and wanting to badly to just be able to eat another fruit or piece of meat and not being able to. It's torture. I know at some point it will be okay, once I can figure out my dosage. But right now, I'm only on VLCD8 and I'm over it. God help me for the next 45+ days.

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  1. ZellQuest's Avatar
    WOW! i am so fortunate, it only took me 7 days to adjust my drop dosage from 10 3 x a day to 7 drops 3 x a day
    I feel great on Phase 2 and started it June 11, if you are feeling so hungry, try adding 100 calories of very lean protein to supplement and see if that doesn't assist you in feeling better ,
  2. Linda0604's Avatar
    I'm on the injections and have hunger too. My cravings are gone, but I sure would like more food. When I have tried any other weight loss program I'm hungry and have strong cravings; so I just have to power thru hunger. Keep up the good work!
  3. talkinlikeateen's Avatar
    Thanks ladies! Still trying to find the magic number - 10's not it either, apparently. I think hunger this morning was worse than it's been from the beginning! I'm going to try 9 tomorrow and the next day and see if that helps any. In the meantime, I'm drinking an extra bowl of hot and sour soup (sans chicken and cabbage) to try and curb hunger until dinner. I really hope I get my dosage right soon. P2 is unbearable when you're hungry!