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  1. Feeling better today

    R1P2D26-- I'm feeling much better today. I went to a nearby diet center that I've used in the past (not hcg) and got a lipotrophic B12 shot. That always gives me a little boost, also only had to take 3 doses of hcg yesterday. Got a good loss of 1.4 pounds this morning; it's really a net loss of .4 since I was up 1 yesterday but I'm still happy about it.
    Hoping this is the beginning of a run of losing days.

    Looked at the site where I bought my drops and it doesn't say that ...
  2. New here

    I've been lurking around this site for days seeking answers to about a zillion questions. I've found most of them. I'm currently on R1P2 day 25. I've lost 12 pounds. I'm using homeopathic drops. I started dosing at 10 drops 3X/day. I was starving so I increased my dosing o 10 drops 4X/day. I'm not hungry anymore but now I'm tired and listless. I'm taking potassium supplements so that's not it.
    Also, I thought the weight would release more quickly.
    Finally, do I have to go into ...