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I've been lurking around this site for days seeking answers to about a zillion questions. I've found most of them. I'm currently on R1P2 day 25. I've lost 12 pounds. I'm using homeopathic drops. I started dosing at 10 drops 3X/day. I was starving so I increased my dosing o 10 drops 4X/day. I'm not hungry anymore but now I'm tired and listless. I'm taking potassium supplements so that's not it.
Also, I thought the weight would release more quickly.
Finally, do I have to go into Phase 3 after 45 days? I'd rather just tick it out and get this over with.
I love to read you're posts. What a great group. I hope to post regularly.

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  1. yudit's Avatar
    are you sure you can go over 2 squirts under the tonge?
  2. New Me Soon's Avatar
    I am on the daily injections which were prescribed by a doctor. My 1st round was 25 days and I too lost 12 pounds and was thrilled! I made it through my P3 without gaining one pound and am now on R2 VLCD 2 and have lost 4 pounds (basically everything from loading) so I am now looking to loose 10 more. I'd suggest following the protocol...the body needs rest and you have to stabilize before moving on
  3. Tammylayne's Avatar
    Did you move on to Phase 4 before you started round 2?