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Day 38!!!!

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Well I've made it to day 38. Yesterday's weight was 199. So happy. Today's weight 201 sooooo pissed!!!!!! My 2 yr old has been sick. So I've been catering to him. And I felt like Crap last night and took Tylenol cold and flu. That's why I gained. I've done my 40 shots but I think I'm going to do a few more and start phase 3 next week. I'm hoping to get to 195 before I stop! Down from 227 I can't complain! This round I think has been a success. Now I just have to wrap my head around phase 3. ( another reason I am doing shots a few extra days). I need to prepare mentally more than physically. In my mind phase 2 is over phase 3 means cheat on all the stuff you've wanted the last few weeks and that's not what phase 3 is!!!! I do have my first 5k mudd run in April. That will help keep in on track I hope. I don't want to be fat anymore. My husband is happy. I am happy. I just am scared I will go back to my old eating habits and the old me! There's still a fat miserable person inside of me just underneath the surface waiting for a weak moment to bear her ugly, fat face!!!!! I don't remember what it feels like to be a normal weight!!! But I'm going to find out soon my pre baby jeans are not as tight as they were and my skinny jeans almost button. So I'm not going to dwell on the number of the scale. It will go back down. I want to focus on getting I'm shape and toning! I've made a huge dent in my weight lose and for that I am so happy!!!!!

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