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Getting ready for round 2!!!

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I finished round one jan 25 th. lost 30 pounds during that round and I've been on phase 3 every since. I have to be honest I have not watched what I've been eating and have been exercising more than usual but nothing serious and have maintained my weight the entire time! Woo hoo!!! I a, getting ready to do phase 2 round 2 very shortly! I went from size 14/16 to 12 first round. I'm hoping I go from 12 to 10/8 this next round! I'll keep posted! I will keep updated once I get going!!!!!!!!!

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  1. cr7's Avatar
    Thats Awesome and so good to hear about maintaining. I am on 3rd LD so I start diet tomorrow! Very excited!
  2. thefoodpassionista's Avatar
    awesome! you go!
  3. tara1025's Avatar
    Thanks ladies!!