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WTH?! Dropped 3 pounds in 3 days??

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I've been absolutely tortured this round. There was a cheat, and hunger that was so bad it actually hurt. In an effort to curb the hunger I started doing high-protein days: the allotted amount of protein plus enough more (like egg whites our a bite or two of chicken) to add up to 500 calories. I was also eating massive bowls of lettuce and ended my meals before 5:00.

And then, a three pound loss! Huh??!! I can't believe that!

As far as the hunger, I did up my pellet dose to 6 three times a day. I can't believe the difference - I feel like a new person. I finally realized why HCG is a miracle unlike any diet: the ability to lose pounds while keeping hunger under wraps. However, the hunger must be under wraps otherwise it's worse than any diet I've ever tried.

So literally as soon as I took the 6 pellets (before they were even entirely dissolved) it was like my whole body relaxed. I know it sounds funny, but my diaphram area softened. (My chest and ribs were so tight it hurt.) It was like I had taken a big exhale, a massive physiological relief. I am so unbelievably thankful...

My plan is to add back a vegetable. I know it's off protocol, but I'm going to try some cauliflower and see what happens. Fingers crossed...

Also, I was wanting to end my round by January 15th, but because of my cheat January 1st it was recommended that I count my round as starting January 1 and count out another 23 days. Apparently it's easier to stabilize if you are cheat-free the entire round. I absolutely want to stabilize since this is my final round of hcg. I can also see how it would benefit keeping the crazy-food thoughts at bay.

No more crazy food thoughts!!

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    I think I'm missing something. How many days have u been on hcg total? And u can count the 2 days hcg while loading. The very minimum you do then is 23 days + the very low calorie days after stopping. I don't understand the counting your round from after your cheat day. So glad u are feeling better, I've never had real hunger issues on hcg. Knock on wood. So, are you liking the pellets now, since you found the right dose? Good luck.
  2. tarte-tatin's Avatar
    Yes, I do like the pellets now. I find they take quite a while to dissolve but I'm getting used to it. My last round I finished my hhcg drops and went to subQ. My dose wasn't quite right for the injectable but at that point it didn't matter since I was on a roll with the VLCD. In fact, I was on the protocol for about 60 days at that time, with a planned interruption. But I chose the pellets this round (after starting and restarting) because I like the homeopathic modality and they seemed the most fool proof.

    I had a rough start this round, I kept screwing around and not getting it together. It was terrible around the holidays for myriad reasons but I finally pulled it together to start VLCD on December 26. I'm formally counting my two load days as December 24 and 25 (even thought there were plenty of load days before then). Counting those two days, my understanding is that my lpw (last pellet weight) would be Thursday 1/13 and my P3 would start P15.

    However... New Years... ugh... a cheat.

    I asked the boards if I could end my round 23 days after my start date - 1/15 - and I was told if I want to really get my hypothalamus reset and stabilize I should extend my round and count 23 days from January 1. If I count 12/31 as my 'load' day then lpw would be 1/20 and P3 would start 1/22. (A day before my birthday, no cake for me!)

    I'm not crazy about this idea, but if it makes sense I'll do it. Do you have any opinion?

    Thanks for your comment!
  3. tarte-tatin's Avatar
    I want to add (if you happen to read this) that I expect to hit my goal weight soon. I have 2.2 pounds left to lose which was another reason I hoped I could end next week. I'm not dying to stay on the protocol if I'm not losing weight, I would much rather move onto P3.
  4. Dubbles's Avatar
    Wow, good for u! Only 2.2 lbs to your goal weight?! Fantastic. Hmmm. Not sure what I would do. There are some on the boards a lot more experienced and knowledgeable than me, so I hate to go against some of them, especially in regards to the resetting of the hypothalmus.... I would suggest, though, your upping your protein portions, maybe, if u reach your goal weight. Just upping your calories, with the suggested foods might make u feel like you are less on the p2 phase of the diet. If I'm getting you correctly, you are dealing with an extra week before going to p3, right? If it was going to hinder my successful p3, then I'd probably follow their advice and stick it out--but I'd still up my portions a little, if I had reached my weight. You don't want to lose good fat, remember. I'm just curious, since you are so close to your goal weight, what have your losses been averaging? Have they slowed down a whole lot. U should be proud of yourself, what an accomplishment.
  5. tarte-tatin's Avatar
    Thank you! I know, I actually can't even believe it. It wasn't until today that I actually realized how close I am. I thought it would never happen... it's been so stressful but I'm almost there. I expected it to be super-slow, I even wondered if I could take the weight off in a short round, but I strategized and it paid off. I really can't believe it, It's just hitting me...

    My goal was 12 pounds this round - which puts me at a solid 21% BMI. I wasn't sure if a short round would be enough since I lost so slowly my last round. This round, I lost the first 7 pounds in 5 days - I just calculated it, wow! However, after my cheat I was too scared to weigh myself for 4 days and when I finally did, I was up 3 pounds from before the cheat (who knows how much I had actually put on?). So, since January 4 when I weighed myself I've lost 5 pounds. I hit it hard with high-protein days so I know that's why I lost so fast. But, I'm wondering if the weight will actually stay off. I'll find out tomorrow because I added in a whole head of cauliflower.

    So, in sum, I've lost 10 pounds since 12/24.

    I'll take your point when I hit goal (I still need to think positively!) - eat more calories (can I have any fat?) and stick with the VLCD for another 14 days. The more I think about it, the more sense it makes. I'm absolutely not going to do another round for anything, never again, so I WILL stabilize.