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Yep, on again

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I decided to restart... again.

My most recent journey (round 2) started with injections of HCG that must have come somewhere from Asia (China, I think) because I couldn't read the bottle. I trusted that it was fine, but what I noticed was, I was having terrible hunger issues. I changed around the dosage but finally gave up when I couldn't quite figure out what was right for me. Then I went back to the Platinum HHCG from GNC (I used it during my first round and it was great). While on the Platinum from GNC, I couldn't figure out why I was dying from hunger, obsessing about food every second of every day, and having cravings that were out of control. Then, I transitioned to pellets. I read a lot on the forum about peoples' experiences and decided to give it a shot. For me, the pellets were only mildly better than the GNC HHCG and were really inconvenient. I finessed the dosage until I figured out a system: I woke up at 5:00 AM, popped the pellets, fell back to sleep while they dissolved, then, during the day - when I had a lot of time - I would take the midday and evening batches. The pellets always took over a 1/2 hour to dissolve (guess I didn't have a lot of saliva). Finally I reached goal, but not without a ton of hunger and continual food obsession. It was horrible, totally unlike my first round.

What I discovered was that the GNC brand HHCG had changed formulas and no longer contained the homeopathic HCG. I'm not sure, but I suspect that from the very beginning of my round - from the strange Asian HCG I got to the pellets, just stimulated my hunger and didn't reset my hypothalamus. In P3 I was literally starving, again completely unlike my first round, and gained back the weight I had lost. I was totally frustrated and in despair.

Then, my friend decided to his second round using the injectable HCG. I ordered from Doyle Redwine and as of today, I've had no hunger aside from meal times, have had the 'thirst' that I experienced from the first round which, to me, indicates effective HCG, and have had no cravings or food obsession. Aside from some particularly horrific PMS moodiness where I was ready to stab anything that moved (totally unlike me), and some spaciness, I feel amazing. Food even tastes weird which is encouraging to me! This round with the injectable is so completely different and I'm so relieved. I can tell this round is going to be much less tortured and I'm excited to think about getting the weight off and going into a steady P3.

However, tonight is my mom's birthday and it's going to be rough. We're going to a Moroccan restaurant which will have some heavy food. I'm going to try my best to disguise the fact that I'm not going to eat much. Again, feeling so little hunger and feeling optimistic is giving me courage to face the evening.

Here I am again, working the system and feeling optimistic!

The food I've made for myself is a ground chicken that I've added basil, soy sauce and some other spices. I'm wrapping it in lettuce to make delicious Asian-flavored chicken roll-ups. It's a great change from baked chicken and salad. I tried a recipe for shrimp stuffed tomatoes, but it just didn't work for me.

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  1. hcgchigirl's Avatar
    you can do it!!! Im so sorry that those other HCG sources were so ineffective/crap....we can do it together!!
  2. tarte-tatin's Avatar
    Thank you for the encouragement, I really appreciate it! I'm right here with you!