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My Plan to Get In Shape & 5 lbs Below LDW

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Oh yay, I'm glad I found this thread. I'm all about correction days, and I have used them in my P3s and P4s to stick around LDW while still enjoying some treats. I see you have done the apple and cheese day. I always seem to lose at least 3 pounds with it. I only lose 1.5 to 2 lbs. on steak days, so I'm not crazy about that one. Fage Days are great, but I am also a little tired of the Greek Yogurt all day long.

This week I tried the Fat Fast as a correction day for the first time and dropped 4 pounds overnight. That was Monday and I have maintained the loss and have even lost 1.5 pounds more since then by eating high fat/high protein and as low carb as possible. For the fat fast, the goal is to have six 200-calorie meals comprised of very high fat every two hours. Here's the menu I used for my fat fast:
Meal #1 10 pecans + 2 T of heavy cream in coffee with sweetener and cocoa powder (mocha!)
Meal #2 Lemon Truffles (2T Coconut Butter/Manna + 2t. Truvia + 1 t. lemon juice + lemon zest---melted, mixed together, refrigerated until firm...yum!)
Meal #3 Peanut Butter Cheesecake Bites (1 ounce cream cheese + 1 T. sugar-free PB + 1T heavy cream + sweetener, refrigerated until firm)
Meal #4 1 ounce of macadamia nuts
Meal #5 1 Avocado with blue cheese dressing
Meal #6 1 ounce macadamia nuts

Doesn't that sound awesome? It was very yummy. I felt great all day and enjoyed the food a lot. I wasn't really hungry at all and my energy was good. I was so stoked to see four pounds gone the next day!

Anyway, my short-term goal is to get to 5 pounds below LDW (I finished my last round in October, so I'm in maintenance). Today, I am 2 pounds above my LDW range, which would mean I need to lose 7 to 9 pounds to get to my ultimate goal. I have been going back and forth about going for another round of HCG, but I think I may join you here and see what I can do with these correction days. Can I get lower than my LDW by doing a couple of CDs each week? I'm also going to work out, so we'll see what happens. If it is okay, I'll check in with you and post my results here.

I'm planning an Apple & Cheese Day for tomorrow (Thursday) and then I plan to follow it up with another high fat/high protein day on Friday. I'm actually excited for the nice and light feeling that comes with A & C Day after my rather heavy high fat/protein day today. Oh, here's a little trick I use to enjoy the cheese even more. I cut the cheese into chunks, stick on a microwavable plate and nuke for 1 minute, sprinkle with thyme or rosemary and cook another 30 seconds. It turns into the most delicious cheese "cracker" to have with your apple. It's a nice way to change it up when you are eating so much cheese in one day.

Well, sorry I was so long winded! Thanks for starting this interesting thread.

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  1. Tate's Avatar
    Results This Week:

    Weight: 8 pounds over LDW
    Plan for the day: Fat Fast—1. Macadamias, 2. peanut butter cream cheese bites, 3. avocado blue cheese, 4. pecans, 5. lemon truffles

    -4 lbs!!!
    Plan for the day: High Fat, Protein—Greek yogurt, macadamias, almonds, Indian beef stew, more yogurt, avocado salad with blue cheese, Starbucks skinny mocha breve, cream in coffee

    Plan: Apple & Cheese, Indian beef stew, Fage, avocado & blue cheese, salsa, radishes, almonds

    Plan: Apple & Cheese Day (Plus 2 T. Peanut Butter at 10 p.m. when I was ready to eat my arm off...oops!)

    Plan: 3 Pieces of Bacon and Cocoa Crack for Breakfast, Low-carb deep dish pizza for dinner

    M-F Losses Total: -6.5 pounds.
    1.5 Pounds away from LDW.
    6.5 pounds away from ultimate goal.

    Still resting sprained ankle. Workouts will commence Monday with 30 Day Shred!
    Updated January 27th, 2012 at 08:48 AM by Tate
  2. ktsueh's Avatar
    Very excited to see how your experiment goes. I'll be going into ph3 soon, so need all the tips and tricks possible!
  3. Tate's Avatar
    Thanks! I'll keep you posted. Good luck with your transition into P3. Food tastes sooooo amazing in the beginning of P3!
  4. HealthierMel's Avatar
    Hmmm . . good job . . Congrats
  5. emross82's Avatar
    i looove all the ideas of how to lose more in p4.. i can only do p2 for a few weeks and then I want to maintain in p3 and lose again in p4 with high protein and fat fasts. cannot wait to try. almost tempted to skip another round of p2, jump on this bandwagon, exersice and take an app surpressant and do rotating fat fast days. I do have 20ish to lose. but the thought of p2 for 3-4 weeks plus all of p3 just to try and lose again. im so freakin torn. I know i can lose on p2, but every round gets harder and harder, im afraid ill break and gain it back, im afraid no matter what ill be fighting gaining. I want to be able to enjoy carbs eventually and not be terrified to gain. So im thinking should i do a 600-800 day diet of my own and exersizxe instead of hcg again?? What to do!! If i had to do it over I dont think i would have done my round in oct..yes i got the smallest ive ever been, but it made me crazy and i gained it all back during xmas ( my fault) and now im just a tid jaded on this diet. i am literally racking my brain and i have to decide by sunday if im going to start p2 again. i know 3 weeks will fly by.. i need to suck it up and do it!!! Good luck girl, I remmeber your olds posts from my round in july ( the good ol days when i was sooo excited to see these numbers that i see now and was yet excited) glad to hear your doing well.!
  6. Tate's Avatar
    Hey ya'll...I'm getting ready to post a new blog to update on what's going on with meeee, regarding this experiment. Thanks!

    Emross--How's it going. Are you back on P2?