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Thinking About Another Round....Hmmmmmm...

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I said my previous round of HCG would be my last. But here I am, after the holidays, hovering around 2 lbs up from LDW. Not bad. But the problem is that I really wanted to work at getting below LDW by about 5 pounds, and obviously that hasn't happened. I finished the last round the end of October, so I've been at this weight for a while, and I think I want to see about 10 pounds less.

I'm trying to decide if HCG is the way to go to drop the last 10...or if I should just exercise and eat really clean. The problem with this is that it seems like I have more will power while on HCG because: #1 I'm not as hungry, and #2 I know if I cheat I will gain a ton and then stall out. When I'm not on HCG, it's easy for me to tell myself, "Aw, just have the brownie...you can do a correction day later." So I get in this cycle of cheat, correction day, cheat, correction day, and I never really get below LDW.

I honestly don't mind the cheat-CD cycle all that much. It feels like I've developed a way to continue to enjoy treats on occasion and then correct, but I'm not reaching my weight goal that way.

Sooo.....decisions, decisions. I never really read about people on the forums saying they lost the last 10 without HCG, but then again those people are probably out living life and not thinking about HCG anymore! If I'm going to do this thing--Round 4--then I really want to load Monday-Tuesday, so I need to make-up my mind.

Any thoughts, suggestions, opinions? I'd love to read 'em!

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  1. tryn2getfit's Avatar
    I am just finishing Round 1 and I still have a couple more rounds to go to get anywhere near my goal weight, but I can tell you this. I joined Planet Fitness at the end of my second week of P3 and have been going faithfully for the past two weeks and I love it. I haven't seen the scale move but I have lost a lot of inches mainly in my belly and my rear. And after working hard at the gym for 75 to 90 minutes a night, the last thing I want to do is have the brownie and I have a big problem with will power. Working out has made me feel so much better, makes me not want to cheat, and has really helped me cut some inches off. Honestly, I have slipped once, then the next day I had bacon and eggs for brunch, lots of water, a big steak for dinner, then a great work-out and dropped two and a half pounds the next morning. Over all though, going to the gym has helped keep me on track and I think it would be a great way to go to lose the last few pounds. Even if you didn't see the scale move, you will see the inches go, then maybe the numbers on the scale wouldn't matter so much because you would be more fit. And it is healthier than going round and round with gaining a couple pounds then doing correction days or more rounds of hcg.
  2. ktsueh's Avatar
    I agree with tryn2getfit. I am going to be in the same boat as you after my 1st round. Still 10 pounds to go after this, but not HCG worthy, I don't think. Plus I want to be able to be fit, not just at my goal weight
  3. emross82's Avatar
    I fully agree, i did another round to get rid of the last "8" pounds, didnt stabilize in p3..went nutzo around the hoildays and now I feel like im back to the beginning. I wouldnt do another round if I could go back I would eat clean p3 for a few weeks and exercise. My two cents.