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Starting another round

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I'm back, starting another round of HCG after many many months off of it and eating like I'm a teenager again. Long story short I've gained a lot of weight back, 40 pounds or so. I feel miserable! Time to take control of my health. It not now, when? So I'm on day 3 of vlcd. So far so good!

Beginning weight 205.8
Today's weight 202.0

No hunger, no cravings! Feeling very determined!

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  1. AbsAgain's Avatar
    You go, girl! You know this works and the most important part is maintenance, when you find out which foods you're sensitive to so you won't gain back the weight this time.

    Enjoy the cleanse, which this diet delivers. You're giving your body a break from a lot of inflammatory foods. I always tell myself during rounds that Jesus fasted for 40 days, so HCG is a piece of cake.

    If not now, when? Exactly! Congrats!