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Back down to 175

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So yesterday I stated that I cheated on Tuesday and I gained 1 pound. Welll today, I lost that pound and I am now down to 175. It feels to lose the weight, but I really want some cheese (lol)! TRYING TO STAY FOCUS!!!! Looking forward to seeing a size 6. I hope I do it in the first round. I know I will do another round to get ready for the summer and vacations.

Happy Thursday...1 more day of the work week.

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  1. kapluzie123's Avatar
    congrats on the quick recovery
  2. Tea43's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kapluzie123
    congrats on the quick recovery

    I was bit worried after reading others blogs about cheating.
  3. pookster's Avatar
    I didnt cheat.. not even once... because I knew it would either cause a stall.. or cost me a day of nothing when I could of been losing. I never did the crime cause I couldn't do the time..lol