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  1. Stevia=yuck yuck yuck

    Ok. So I have been using Sweet n Low since starting the diet plan and after reading much helpful blogs, I noticed I should be using Stevia only. I went and I purchased my Stevia packs as well as the flavored drops and I absolutely think that it is nasty! I still used for my coffee Saturday and Sunday however I forgot to bring some to work this morning so I used my sweet n low. I have to somehow get use to using this crap! UGHHHH
    I also had a bad weekend and let's just say I ate delicious ...
  2. Meal Plans for today

    So for breakfast I had my (3) 10 oz cups of water plus my coffee.

    Snack: half of a half grapefruit

    My lunch came out pretty good.
    I had tilapia with cayenne pepper and A LOT of garlic powder and I sprinkled a little water on it and crushed my melba toast and sprinkled that on top of the fish and placed it in the broiler. I ate with some celery sticks and I can really say that it was satisfying.

    Grilled chicken and spinach leaves. ...
  3. Back down to 175

    So yesterday I stated that I cheated on Tuesday and I gained 1 pound. Welll today, I lost that pound and I am now down to 175. It feels to lose the weight, but I really want some cheese (lol)! TRYING TO STAY FOCUS!!!! Looking forward to seeing a size 6. I hope I do it in the first round. I know I will do another round to get ready for the summer and vacations.

    Happy Thursday...1 more day of the work week.
  4. R1P2VLCD4 TOM Made Me Cheat (I think)

    Just an update: TOM paid me a visit yesterday and I was doing so well all day. Anyway, I had a craving for something sweet and I ate a bowel of cereal plus my fish with cabbage and 10 crackers. I only ate a little for lunch as I was not that hungry but I did have my apple and melba toast.
    Preload weight was 186
    VLCD day 3- 175
    Today, VLCD day 4 -176.6 (gained 1.6)
    Today I only had my coffee for breakfast, lots of water, and I ate my apple for lunch.
    I will ...
  5. What's the most someone has lost on HCG?

    Please state if you are on Prescription HCG Injections or pellets or taking the over the counter ones.

    I am on prescription sublingual tabs and they are working so far. down almost 11 pounds and I am on VLCD day 5.
  6. New User Doing Good So Far

    Clinic weigh in 186
    VLCD5 175
    No real goal weight. As long as I can fit back into my prepregnancy clothes, I will be happy.

    For breakfast, I usually have my coffee.

    snack: apple

    Lunch chicken breast or shrimp with onions and a little lettuce or tomatoes

    Dinner Chicken breast or fish with any vegetable

    snack 1/2 grapefruit with stevia sprinkled on it

    I did cheat on Sunday with some cabbage cooked ...