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R1P2VLCD4 TOM Made Me Cheat (I think)

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Just an update: TOM paid me a visit yesterday and I was doing so well all day. Anyway, I had a craving for something sweet and I ate a bowel of cereal plus my fish with cabbage and 10 crackers. I only ate a little for lunch as I was not that hungry but I did have my apple and melba toast.
Preload weight was 186
VLCD day 3- 175
Today, VLCD day 4 -176.6 (gained 1.6)
Today I only had my coffee for breakfast, lots of water, and I ate my apple for lunch.
I will not be taking my Prescription HCG today due to TOM and will continue back on it tomorrow. (NEW USER)

I will say that I put on a pair of my size 12 dress pants for work this morning and they were big. I can now fit comfortably in a size 10 so that made me extremely happy. 2 more sizes and I will be escastic!!!

Any suggestions during TOM, please respond.

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  1. AbbyGJ's Avatar
    I noticed the same thing with TOM. The hunger was uncontrollable. I ended up eating some gummi bears and a bowl of Kashi cereal. Haven't craved anything at all during my round. I don't know what the explanation is, but can confirm it happened to me too.
  2. Tea43's Avatar
    Thanks AbbyGJ.

    I haven't craved anything today at all. I was even reading someone's blog that is in P3 and she was describing her food, I didn't even get hungry nor crave the bacon and egg omelete she decribed.

    Have you noticed if anyone on the blogs prefer the injections over the sublingual pellets (prescription)?
  3. AbbyGJ's Avatar
    It sounds like a lot of people do the injections. I think with pellets/drops there's a chance you won't absorb all the hcg. I started the protocol through my doctor and they preferred to do the injections. Unfortunately my round was cut short and I stopped. When I decided to do it again, I went with the sublingual drops. I couldn't handle the IM shots with nerve issues in my one leg.
  4. Tea43's Avatar
    When I asked the Nurse Practitioner about comparing the 2, she stated that she really did not see a huge difference in weight loss. I chose not to do the injections as I have an exploring toddler.
  5. Rabo's Avatar
    My suggestion would be to fight through the cravings. If you MUST eat something additional, don't go for the cereal or the gummi bears - add more protein or more vegetables. A cheat will set you back 3 days if you're one of the unlucky ones (trust me, I know. I cheated twice and lost at least a week from both cheats combined). When you're working with a 40 day window, seven days is a big deal.

    Be strong and power through. Don't let TOM "make" you do anything. :-)
  6. Tea43's Avatar
    Thanks Rabo. I will keep that in mind. Hoping to get in my size 6 jeans by the end of this journey.
  7. kapluzie123's Avatar
    congrats on getting into the size 10-
    i know i get so excited to drop a size.
  8. Tea43's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kapluzie123
    congrats on getting into the size 10-
    i know i get so excited to drop a size.

    Waiting on SIZE 6