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Day 11 Skipping a dose today.

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I was a little hungry over the weekend and I ate a little more. Now I must admit that I had houseguests for the weekend and went to a Sunday Brunch. I did well. I was down .4 this morning. After a nice visit to the throne. If ya know what I mean. I want to strecth my doses out past the six weeks. I would like to get in a few more days. Maybe I am just selfish. But I am motivated and it is hard to get back on this wagon when it stops. I have a ski trip in two weeks. Lots of exercise on that. I have not been exercising at all because of a lung infection but I am getting better on the hcg plan.

I am still wanting to do some emotional eating. I am really trying to watch it and learn so that I can benefit from the awareness. Alcoholics are told that the problem is not the alcohol. And when they stop the drinking then the real issues come up. So I am feeling that rebellious eating rise up. and the lonely eating. And the celebration eating. For instance driving to the grocery store the thought crossed my mind that I could get a muffin or two while I shopped and no one would know. But I thought yeah buddy this hcg plan will know. There is no room for that sort of cheat and that knowledge helps me stay on the path. But I want to recognize that rebellious teenager inside me.

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  1. kapluzie123's Avatar
    You're doing great. Way to go with the will power.
    i'm on the injections, and I skip my 7th day every week, so my plan usually is longer than 40 days.
    Whatever you decide, we're here for you.