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Day 9 Down 1.2 So relieved.

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Thanks for all the encouragement yesterday. I will suck down the water and cut out the coconut oil. Tomorrow will be a challenge. We have a brunch at a very nice restaurant. Hugos is sort of fancy Mexican food. I do not know what the h#ll I am going to do. I cannot stay home. I am very motivated and I think that is what will pull me through. I should be able to get plan meat and a vegetable or at least a salad. I will make it.

Weekend houseguests but I have planned the meals so that I can participate and it is basically P2 food with some extras for them. I will let people dress their salad and I will use mine. I bought Girl Scout cookies yesterday for the weekend and they opened two boxes last night and I was not even tempted. I was shocked. And the miracle is that I did not think about them after everyone went to bed.

It does amaze me how I think about eating something bad even when I am not hungry and I am alone. Lonely. I guess that is the emotion I am eating over because I do all my overeating when I am alone. Will think about this more.

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  1. LilShelliBelli's Avatar
    YAYYYYYYYY YA YA!!!!! THAT'S AN AMAZING LOSS!!!! SEEEEEEE????? You got this girl! I'm so JEALOUS...i love mexican food. * I miss my mole sauce* I used to put that stuff on EVERYTHING....*sigh*....It's okay to think about food....because what's more important is how you react to those thoughts....and that's when you know YOU are in control....and control means success!!!! HOORAY!!!

    PS: chicken or steak fajitas with onions, hold the peppers (til P3)....
  2. tomwilla's Avatar
    I would order a grilled chicken taco salad, no beans no rice, no cheese. and then use salsa as my dressing... Or just tell them a grilled chicken salad..
  3. pookster's Avatar
    texas...being on this protocol..I discovered without a doubt what I had already kind of known.. I am an emotional eater.. I think I even posted that one day some chick at costco ticked me off so bad I was driving home thinking of hitting up the pizza joint on the way.. and then i was like wtf?? It was clear as day to me...and I have realized it a few more times since.. But like shell said..I am in control now and its not going to be happening anymore...cause it only hurts me.
  4. Texasyaya's Avatar
    Thanks to the three of you for your comment. Brunch went went well. I will blog on it later. Nap time now.